Top Fashion Magazines in Pakistan

Top Fashion Magazines in Pakistan

Pakistan’s fashion industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the last two decades. While the fashion industry is becoming increasingly attractive and luxurious, people are looking for more fashion magazines to keep up with the changing trends. Fashion Magazines are the easiest way to showcase these globally.

Fashion Magazines play an integral role in showcasing the creativity and commercial projects of artists, photographers, and designers. The impact of fashion magazines on the tremendous growth of the fashion industry is immense. Currently, fashion houses can acquire maximum attention from the VIPs due to these fashion magazines.

Ranging from locally manufactured seasonal clothes to highlighting global trends worldwide, the role of fashion magazines in the existing fashion industry is indispensable.

Here is our list of top five fashion magazines from Pakistan cultural diversity of Pakistan across the globe.

Sunday Magazines

The magazine which tops our list of best fashion magazines is Sunday magazines. Widely known for its premium content, Sunday magazines are nationally and internationally recognized for exclusivity. Latest trends, events coverage and updates, Pakistani culture, lifestyle information, celebrity news, health, and other entertainment content are part of it.

Updates of fashion shows, designers, and their collections are also a significant part of this magazine. Published on eve Sunday, the magazine has thousands of readers in print form and digital format.

People in all the metropolitans of Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, etc., can access this magazine easily. This magazine is ideal for gathering fashion snippets and lifestyle trends.

In general, this magazine has all the elements of interest of two Pakistani women. It provides up-to-date information while ensuring the maintenance of a luxurious fashion catalog for its readers.

Ebuzz Magazine

Ebuzz magazine is a pioneer elevation magazine in Pakistan. It is purely an entertainment magazine covering all aspects of fashion send glamour.

Its primary target audience is youth, fashion icons, and fashion-savvy people: every trending fashion, move, hype, news, and celebrity gossip its components. The magazine’s content is all about what is in and out of the lifestyle and fashion industry.

This magazine is a complete package to get the best of the fashion industry in the digital and printed format. One can easily spot many buzz volumes in nearly every salon and spa. Why? Because of its massive readership!

Brides and You.

If you are about to get married in the coming months and want to take contemporary inspiration for your wedding, You and your brides are the right solutions. They have updates on the bridalwear collections that are launched by bridal designers in Pakistan. This magazine is your ultimate destination to get all the lifestyle news and latest clothing trends Nationally and internationally. Due to its diverse scope, the magazine fashion enthusiasts highly anticipate this particular magazine. Each of its volumes is prepared according to Pakistani women’s mindset and live for lavish wedding festivities. Therefore, it provides necessary information about apparel, accessories, recent collections by the designers, and styles adorned by Pakistanis.

This magazine revolves around brides and their needs; the content is related to clothes, fashion articles, makeup trends, and beauty tips for their wedding. This magazine is published quarterly and provides insight into the season’s upcoming trends. This publishing fact is why this magazine can retain its charm among readers.

Hello, Pakistan

Hello, Pakistan is a diverse niche magazine with a massive readership in Pakistan. Starting in 2012, the magazine has made itself among competitors due to its quality content: viewers, customers, and audiences widely adorned it for its grasping stories and crisp information regarding celebrities.

Hello, Pakistan is a weekly magazine that provides a snapshot of all the fashion trends, celebrity news, and clothing trends to its viewers. Hello, Pakistan is also playing a significant role in highlighting Pakistani culture, the fashion industry, and the ongoing trends of the people. Due to this reason, the magazine can sell more than 20,000 issues each month.


Paparazzi is one of the unique magazines in the category of fashion magazines in Pakistan. It is one of a kind due to its role as unconventional content.

All the articles, topics, and fashion trends are an essential part of the magazine. The most exciting part of the magazine is the archive of national, international traditional, and contemporary fashion trends in human history. Once you get addicted to reading it, it is challenging to leave this magazine.

Wrapping up

Wrapping up is the pioneer magazine that provides sources for international fashion magazines. Information regarding lifestyle, fashion, health, and fashion are the main components of the magazine. This magazine is also available in electronic format.

So next time you want to relax and escape in the world of quality content, grab your copy of Wrapping up on Sunday, sit back and enjoy

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