Top 10 Men’s Kurta brands in Pakistan

Top 10 Men’s Kurta brands in Pakistan

The Pakistani fashion industry is admired worldwide and the elegant ethnic wear our brands have are admired by fashion lovers all over the world. The fashion industry has evolved, and now you will find anything you want.

Men’s fashion industry has also grown so much and now we have several brands for men, unlike the past times when the options were limited. Kurta is the ethnic wear that is both traditional and contemporary. The class and traditional look a Kurta give you are unmatchable. A stylish and trendy kurta can take you anywhere, be it a family gathering, any wedding or Eid.

So, if you are in search of a perfect kurta for yourself, we are here to help you out. We have curated the list of the top 10 men’s kurta brands in Pakistan that will never disappoint you:

  1. Junaid Jamshed Kurtas

Junaid Jamshed is one of the top retailers in the Pakistani fashion industry. Late Junaid Jamshed started this brand from scratch which is now catering to the fashion needs of people not only in Pakistan but internationally as well.

Junaid Jamshed men kurta

Junaid Jamshed specializes in men’s eastern wear. The extensive range of Kurtas, from latha to cotton and from embroidered to printed and plain, J. has covered it all for you. The brand has a wide colour palette and the designs are unique and elegant. 

  1. Amir Adnan Kurtas

If we are talking about the top 10 men’s kurta brands in Pakistan, the list is never complete without Amir Adnan in it. Amir Adnan has revolutionized men’s fashion in Pakistan.

Amir Adnan mens kurta

The diversity you will see in Amir Adnan’s collection is something that makes him unique. From the seasonal collections of kurtas to the festive collections Amir Adnan is offering you everything. The kurtas are elegant and refreshingly represent our t. 

  1. Bonanza Satrangi Kurtas

Bonanza Satrangi has a section for men’s kurtas and the collection is impressive. You should not go to them if you want something festive and fancy because they deal with basic daily wear.

bonanza men kurtas

But if you want something elegant, classy and comfortable to ace your everyday look, Bonanza is never a bad option. The wide range of colours on the canvass of supreme quality fabric makes them a very good option for everyday fashion.

  1. Gul Ahmed Kurtas

Gul Ahmed has always been one of my personal favourites when it comes to men’s kurtas. This is because they have these vibrant, refreshing and trendy kurtas at prices no other brand is going to offer you.

gul ahmed men kurtas

Gul Ahmed has played a great role in the evolution of Pakistani fashion and has made it affordable for everyone. There are kurtas in a wide range of prices so everyone can have them according to their budget. So, embroidered and plain kurtas in a wide variety are available for you and you don’t have to worry about being heavy on your bank balance. 

  1. Sapphire Kurtas

We all know that Sapphire is known for the best quality and contemporary soft fashion. When it comes to men’s fashion, men’s kurtas by Sapphire will never disappoint you. These kurtas are the epitome of perfection with their perfect stitching and designs.

sapphire men kurtas

Sapphire has kurtas for every occasion from festive to something formal and plain. The collection is worth visiting if you need a nice kurta that is going to make you stand out at every gathering. They are stitched and designed for modern men, taking care of their fashion needs.

  1. Charcoal Kurta Collection

In past times you might have known charcoal for the western wear and the western collection of men ranging from jackets to pants and shirts but now they have been designing world-class kurtas for men. Their kurtas are effortlessly classy and elegant.

charcol men kurtas

They will perfectly cater to your need for stylish kurtas for every occasion. With its colour palette silhouette, Charcoal is always going to be one of the few top brands for men’s kurtas. Their impeccable quality and designs are one of a kind and are a never miss. 

  1. Al Karam Kurtas

Al Karam Studio is the fashion house that is making the lives of fashion lovers in Pakistan heaven for years now. Everyone knows that men’s shopping from Al Karam is a whole new experience.

alkaram studio mens kurtas

The kurta range of Al Karam won’t disappoint you ever and will have something for you every time. The finest fabrics and the most trendy designs are to die for. It’s their quality and cuts that make them one of the top brands for kurtas in Pakistan. 

  1. So Kamal Kurtas

So Kamal has recently launched the men’s collection and has been everyone’s favourite since then. You must have seen Farhan Saeed wearing stylish kurtas in So Kamal promotions as the collection is launched a few years back.

so kamal mens kurtas

The collection of their kurtas is like a fresh breath of air and you will find unique and contemporary pieces that are different from what you see everywhere. So, choosing So Kamal will never be a bad option and will exceed your expectations every single time. 

  1. Munib Nawaz:

Munib Nawaz is a designer who specializes in men’s wear and that’s why his collections are the extract of men’s demands. He knows what exactly a modern man who wants to wear a traditional dress on any occasion wants.

munib nawaz mens kurtas

He has always done something a little more than the basic kurtas and the fun prints that are printed by playing with colours perfectly on the canvass of the finest fabric. The refreshing prints and cuts Munib Nawaz’s kurta collection has for you are extravagant and something that you won’t easily find anywhere else.

  1.  Almirah’s kurta Collection

Almirah has impeccable quality and designs for you that once you will get yourself a nice kurta from Almirah you are always going back every time you want one. The vibrant colours, the prints and the designs are a whole new experience that you should not miss.

almirah mens kurtas

Almirah has a quality that speaks for itself and is known to be durable and long-lasting fabric with great value for your money. So, if you are investing money in a nice kurta by Almirah, you should know that it is trendy and is going to be with you longer than you think.

So, this was our list summing up all Pakistan’s favourite brands and the collections they have for you. A kurta is a traditional wear that is comfortable, classy and looks super stylish. Any occasion coming your way, attend it in style, wearing a kurta from any of these brands and you will be amazed to create a fashion statement.

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