Shopping Malls in Faisalabad

Lyallpur Galleria

Faisalabad is one of the modern cities of Pakistan. The city has developed so much in the past few years. Now when it comes to the amenities and shopping centres and malls, the city has everything comparable to the capital. Here is the list of the malls in the city and what they have for you: 

1- The Grand Atrium Shopping Mall

2- Lyallpur Galleria 

3- The Boulevard Mall

4- Kohinoor One 

5- Sitara Mall 

6- Dua Shopping Mall

7- Hoops 

8- Star Shopping Plaza 

9- The Grand Central Mall 

10- Misaq ul Mall 

11- Al-Fatah Shopping Mall

12- China Family Shopping Mall

13- Galaxy Mall 

14- Do Burj 

15- Mediacom Trade City Plaza 

16- Regent Shopping Mall

17- Ripple Plaza 

18- Gateway Tower 

19- Chase Up Faisalabad

  1. The Grand Atrium Shopping Mall: 

Situated at the Canal Road Faisalabad, The Grand Atrium Mall is not only the hub of all the shopping brands but also the architectural masterpiece. The mall is built by Al Bashir group.

The Grand Atrium Shopping Mall

It has everything from shopping to entertainment and food. The mall is a one-stop shop for fun and shopping including places like the cinema hall, play area and food court etc. 

  1. Lyallpur Galleria: 

Lyallpur Galleria is also located on Canal Road near Saeed Colony Faisalabad.  Lyallpur Galleria is one of the most famous places in the city where shopping is fun and you can find everything under one roof.

Lyallpur Galleria

The amazing building and the architecture of the mall are worth praising. You enter a whole new world of fashion and style. 

  1. The Boulevard Mall: 

Located at East Canal Road, Faisalabad Boulevard Mall has everything from local to international brands to entertainment and eating spots. The design of the building is perfectly designed and has central air conditioning. All top-rated restaurants and entertainment spots are here so if you are visiting here you won’t miss out on anything at all. 

  1. Kohinoor One: 

Kohinoor One Mall is located at Jaranwala Road Faisalabad. The all is known to change the shopping experience of the people in Faisalabad. There are a huge number of factory outlets of the brands here. You can find all your daily necessities here. A family-friendly place to shop and have fun with the family. The mall is considered the most affordable one as compared to the other ones.

  1. Sitara Mall: 

Sitara Mall is located at 434D Road. The mall is not also known for the shopping experience but the security it provides is unmatchable too. The best security system and the best fire fighting technology it has makes it a safer place to shop as compared to any other mall in the city. The mall is monitored 24/7 with CCTV cameras. The shopping experience here is secure and fun. 

  1. Dua Shopping Mall: 

Located at Bahwana Bazar, Munshi Mohalla Faisalabad, Dua shopping Mall is always the best option for your go-to shopping. The shopping centre will never disappoint you with its large number of options to shop from. Local and branded shops give you a wider range to select from.

  1. Hoops: 

Hoops is a premium accessories and jewellery store in Faisalabad. Located on the ground floor of Lyallpur Galleria, this in-store shopping outlet has everything you want in jewellery and accessories. The shopping experience it provides you is amazing and it should not be missed if you want something which has the best quality and the price.  

  1. Star Shopping Plaza:

Star shopping plaza is a shopping centre located at Raheem Center, Tata Bazar, Faisalabad. The shopping centre has all your home textile needs covered.  Everything from your clothing to curtains and bedding you will find it here under one roof. They are making the shopping experience certainly better. 

  1. The Grand Central Mall: 

Located in the heart of Faisalabad, the Grand Central Mall is expected to be the biggest and the most visited mall in Faisalabad. It has the widest retail space for shops, offices, sports and apartments as well. It is the biggest project in Faisalabad and it has everything from fun to shopping under the same roof. 

  1.  Misaq ul Mall: 

Misaq ul Mall is a must visit-shopping mall located on Nishatabad Sheikhupura Road. Apart from the best shopping experience covering everything from clothes to shoes and accessories, Misaq ul mall has the best places to eat and have fun with your family and friends. If you live nearby, then shopping for fun is not a problem at all. 

  1. Al-Fatah Shopping centre: 

Al-Fatah shopping centres around the country have entirely changed the shopping experience. It is located at Kohinoor Road Faisalabad and it is heaven for shopping lovers. You enter there and you will find everything from grocery shopping, and crockery to jewellery and every accessory you will need for your home. 

  1.  China Family Shopping Mall: 

China Shopping Mall is a unique one in the city because it has three branches in one city. The branches are at Millat Road, Sardar Town and Peoples Colony 1. The mall has everything you will possibly need in clothing and accessories and is providing the people of Faisalabad with trendy and supreme quality products at reasonable prices. 

  1.  Galaxy Mall: 

Galaxy Mall is one of the amazing shopping centres in Faisalabad. The Mall has been developing its trust in people’s hearts by consistently providing a better shopping experience every time. For any household shopping, you have to do, Galaxy Mall won’t disappoint. It is located at D- Ground Road and is a must-visit. 

  1.  Do Burj: 

Another shopping heaven is located at Jaranwala Road, Kohinoor City, Faisalabad. The mall has the best brands for shopping like the limelight, Khaadi to amazing places like Gloria Jeans to have coffee and eat sitting with friends appending quality time after the best shopping experience. Do Burj is growing and introducing more brands from time to time for shopping lovers. 

  1.  Mediacom Trade City Plaza:

Mediacom Trade City Plaza located at Main Jaranwala Road is one of the city’s favourites. The mall has the motive of making the shopping experience of the shoppers so amazing that they would want to come here the next time they need anything. The variety, the quality and the unlimited options they have to make them a must-visit. 

  1.  Regent Shopping Mall: 

The regent shopping mall is the one building with blue windows that every local knows and has visited once. The 9-story building is a multi-purpose building used for shopping purposes in the basement ad first floor, business and offices on the other floors and much more. It has a lot of options to shop from, eat from and have fun at. 

  1.  Ripple Plaza: 

Ripple Plaza is located at Shahra e Faisal, Faisalabad and is the place that is known for its stitched boutique clothes. The garment shopping experience here is something very unique. It is the hub of the boutiques providing you with regular wear to the traditional wears for both men and women. 

  1.  Gateway Tower: 

Whether you want to go to grab a quick bite or to buy something to wear, Gateway Tower is always a good option. They have a play area for your kids and many brands to shop from.  The comfortable and easy shopping experience with good options to eat from like Hardees Gateway Tower is a must-visit. 

  1. Chase up Mall: 

Located at Rehman Heights, Satyana Road Chase up is the biggest superstore ever. With its branches in other cities, Chase up has always been known for its amazing shopping experience. Everything from groceries to clothing and women’s accessories are here. 

These were the options for you that you can choose if you want to have the best shopping experience in Faisalabad.

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