Complete Guide to Bazar’s and Market’s in Lahore for Clothes Shopping

Best places in Lahore to buy Clothes

Lahore considered the heart of Pakistan and the wealthiest city in Pakistan is the best place for food, culture, and shopping.

When it comes to shopping Lahore offers you the places and a huge and wide variety of everything you will ever need. When it comes to cloth shopping, the progress in the Fashion market in the past few years will amaze you.

People from all around the country and especially from small cities prioritize Lahore for their every clothes shopping, be it for weddings or casual shopping because Lahore has a variety and latest trendy clothes at very reasonable prices. Whether you want to shop from old bazaars like Anarkali or malls, Lahore is offering you the best.

So, if you are planning to shop from Lahore, here is the complete guide on what you can buy from where at the best price, making your shopping experience worth it.

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Anarkali Bazaar

Located in front of Lahore Museum, between Lahore Mall Road and Urdu Bazaar, Anarkali is the 200 years old market providing you with the best since then. Lahoris are lucky to have the best shopping hub which is best in prices and variety as well.

Anarkali Bazar photo
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From winter jackets, coats, sweaters, and shawls to wedding dresses with full embroidery work, Nakshi Dabka work, Zari, and sequins work Anarkali is heaven for fashion lovers. For your clothes shopping for any event, it may be, Anarkali can cover it all for you.

Also, it has an extensive range of jewelry and accessories to complete your look. Shop for the best clothes and then have the best food experience at old Anarkali, this will be your best experience ever.

Liberty Market

Next to the Main Boulevard Gulberg, Liberty is a haven for shopping lovers. Having a wedding around the corner or any formal or casual event you are looking forward to, it is not always necessary to spend a huge amount of money on designer wear when you can find everything to design your perfect outfit here.

Liberty Market
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From endless and uncountable varieties of silks, chiffon, net, and organza to ready-to-wear formal and semiformal dresses you won’t be disappointed. The main liberty has all the big shops of ready-to-wear and unstitched fancy or casual outfits but the old liberty is the place you should never miss.

The variety they have is unmatchable and worth visiting. The Liberty Market also has cool spots for food, so you can give yourself a treat after the hectic shopping.

MM ALAM Shopping Zone

Named in honor of martyred Air Commodore Muhammad Mehmood Alam, MM Alam Road is one of the main shopping places in Lahore. The Road has all the outlets of famous brands, top-notch restaurants, and malls.

MM Alam Road
MM Alam

When you are here you are in a whole another world of shopping, food, and fun. There are several malls like Xinhua Mall, Vogue Tower, Pace Mall, Regency Plaza, and Ali Tower and they cover all the fashion brands for any type of clothing you want.

So, if you are into shopping for brands MM Alam road is the place where you can find all of them accompanied by the best restaurants and cafes in the city so you can chill after the shopping with your friends and family.

Baghbanpura Bazar

When we talk about the most affordable places to shop in Lahore, the list can never be completed without Baghbanpura Bazar being in it.

Like Anarkali, Baghbanpura also is a haven for shoppers who have a limited budget and can not spend lakhs on their wedding lehengas. The hand-worked outfits you find here are unmatchable. You can buy the plain fabric and get the handwork done on it of your own choice, The Zari and sequins work they offer are amazing.

Not only the embroidered and fancy clothes but also the seasonal clothes at the best prices are here. The people of Lahore know where to go for the sweaters, jackets, and shawls and that is exactly why it is so crowded when the winter arrives and also the whole season.

From seasonal clothes to partywear or semiformal dresses, you just have to do a little digging and bargaining and you will get the best at the best price as well.

Ichra Bazar

Located on Ferozepur Road, Ichra is one of the most economical markets in Lahore famous for its flimsy old buildings and the variety of dresses from all over Punjab.

If you are out for wedding shopping it would be an injustice if you don’t give Ichra a chance to provide you with the best by visiting here because it has everything to offer you. The market is famous for the cultural dresses and the handicrafts.

Ichra Bazar Lahore

It has a diverse variety so that the people with different choices can get what they like. The delicate embroidered and hand-worked outfits are here with a wide variety to satisfy your demands. Ichra Bazar is filled with fashion and trends and you will never be disappointed no matter what occasion you are looking for clothes for.

Besides the best shopping experience, Ichra has the best food to satisfy your hunger after hectic shopping.

Kareem Block Market

Located near Allama Iqbal town Lahore, Kareem block offers you the best shopping experience. Whether you want branded clothes or to shop locally Kareem block offers you both.

kareem block market

The market has factory outlets of your favorite brands so you can buy the branded clothes at comparatively low prices. The shopping is a bit more fun when it comes to discounts so when buying from the factory outlets where you can find the outfit for any occasion at discounted prices.

Besides brands, the market also has local shops providing you with everything from unstitched or stitched suits for any occasion and season to the accessories to complete your look.

Also, the market has the best food corners like the famous Sabir Sajji and many more places like that to make your whole shopping experience more fun.

Yateem Khana Bazar

Yateem Khana Chowk is the busiest road in Lahore and so is the Yateem Khana Market. All the things you need for living here at the prices you will find nowhere else.

Yateem Khana Bazar

People mostly come here to buy clothes because the Bazar has clothes of every type ranging from the low-quality fabric at the cheapest prices to the highest quality fabric. So due to its diversity, everyone can shop from here according to their choices, liking, and budget.

So, whatever your budget is, you don’t have to worry, with some effort ad the use of your bargaining skills you can find the best possible stuff in your budget.

Packages Mall

Located on Walton Road near DHA Lahore, Packages Mall is the 6th largest mall in Pakistan and has everything to make your shopping experience the best in all aspects. Packages Mall is the home of uncountable Pakistani and International brands.

packages mall

The number of brands you will find here and the extensive variety and options for you to choose from here are unmatchable. No other mall in Lahore is this spacious with a huge number of brands. Whether you want something fancy and formal for weddings or your seasonal lawn and winter shopping Packages Mall is offering you the best.

Clothes of any category and stuff are easily available as you have a lot of brands side by side so you have to visit any of them easily in one place, and chose the best according to your needs and likings. It is kids friendly and the places like topsy turvy are the kids’ favorite to visit and have a play area also. The food court is also spacious, so your shopping will be more fun and not that hectic.

Emporium Mall

Emporium mall located in Johar town Lahore is the largest Mall in Pakistan, with several branded and unbranded stores for you to shop from. The building matches the international standards and is centrally air-conditioned making your shopping much easier and more comfortable.

emporium mall

Every eastern brand, providing you with Pakistani men’s and women’s traditional clothes, and every western brand providing you with contemporary and modern clothing are here.

Not only these but it also has the brands for undergarments so your clothing shopping can be completed with every item you need. All the major brands are here in one place so you won’t miss out on anything.

Fortress Stadium Shopping Zone

It is located in Lahore Cantt and is the ideal place for shopping for clothes at very reasonable prices. Fortress Stadium has a lot of unbranded shops providing us with the ready-to-wear fancy wears like garagras, lehengas, etc. for weddings, semi-formal and embroidered suits for parties and festivals like Eid, western and casual clothing for every day at very reasonable prices.

Fortress Stadium Shopping Zone

There are shops for men and kids wear too. Fortress stadium also has Fortress square mall which is the one-stop where you can find the major fashion brands under one roof. So, if you are looking for something from brands you will get every type of clothing from here.

Fortress Stadium also has the most amazing places for food, Joyland and hyper star so you can have the most fun shopping with your friends and family.

So, this was a brief introduction to the shopping places in Lahore that are perfect for your clothes shopping and we hope it will be fruitful in guiding you where to shop. These places are the ones where people from all over Pakistan come to shop the best, so you should also not miss these out if you are planning to shop from Lahore, which you absolutely should because of the style and trend Lahore’s fashion markets have is unbeatable.

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