Charizma Clothing Brand

Brand: Charzima

Online Store: Click here

Country: Pakistan

Launched: 2012

Parent Company: Riaz Arts

Charizma logo

The brand has the motto of making fashion and modernity accessible to the women who are only comfortable wearing eastern clothes. The women of Pakistan who love their culture and wear eastern clothes only should not be deprived of the latest fashion and that is what Charizma is famous for, making eastern wear more appealing and women wearing them feel no less than the ones who wear western.
Charizma has outlets in many cities of Pakistan and the online website is giving you access to fashion with just a few clicks and your favorite outfit will be at your doorsteps.

Charizma’s unstitched collection has many ranges. Their black and white range has a wide variety of dresses using black and white colors as basic and adding some more colors from the palette to make it look more pleasing to the eyes and make everyone wonder where you get it from. Charizma does research on what Pakistani women need and what is popular in the market, they are one of the trendsetters in the fashion industry. Their ‘Print Melody’ section has the vividly and scenic printed clothes that are most comfortable to wear and a treat to the eyes. Their ‘Naranji’ collection covers a wide spectrum of colorful clothes that make you feel lively in every season. If you have a festive mood then their ‘Swissmiss’ and ‘ Festive Collection’ have everything for you. They have an extensive ready-to-wear section with different ranges like print melody, plain game, teen, Mi Amor, statement, luxury, and velvet collections so you can select from the collection you desire according to your preferences. They have a separate range for bottoms so you can match them with your outfits ts. Also, they have a separate section for kids and an access section that has dupattas and perfumes making sure that won’t miss out on anything.

The brand has a long history and the success it has today is the result of persistent efforts and never compromising the quality from the beginning till now. In 1985 Muhammad Riaz open a fashion outlet named Riaz arts and after so many years in 2012, it became ‘House of Charizma’, a lawn brand that is spread in the whole country and is loved nationwide.