A Complete Guide to Shopping Malls in Lahore

Best Shopping Malls in Lahore

In this blog we will talk about the shopping malls in Lahore and what makes them special and unique.

Some of the best shopping malls in Pakistan are located in Lahore. It is a big city and there are families and friends not only looking for a shopping experience but a whole package. Some of these malls in Lahore have some of the best food courts, play lands for kids, outlets of international and national brands and shopping centers for all kinds of products you might need in your life.

So let’s go over the list of shopping malls in Lahore that we have curated just for you!

Shopping Malls in Lahore

1. Emporium Mall

2. Packages Mall

3. Mall of Lahore

4. Panorama Mall

5. Fortress Square Shopping Mall

6. Shopping Malls on MM Alam Road

7. Amanah Mall

8. Al-Fateh Mall

9. Xinhua Mall

10. Metro Malls

11. Carrefour

12. Avenue Malls

13. CSD Malls

1- Emporium Mall

Emporium Mall is one of the biggest shopping mall in Lahore and it is situated in Johar Town near International Expo Centre. It has over 200 national and international brands in the mall and over 40 thousand people visit the mall daily.

Source: Emporium

It has a big food court in one of it’s 11 floors. Most of the national and international food places are available there and you can also find some cafe in the shopping mall. It has earthquake resistant structure and solar panels for electricity backup. There is 3 story underground parking available and the mall is fully air conditioned.

  1. Is Emporium Mall open on Sunday?

    Yes Emporium Mall is open on Sunday but only the families or couples are allowed to enter the mall. Stags are not allowed to enter the mall on Sundays.

  2. Where is Emporium Mall in Lahore

    Emporium Mall is located in Johar Town, Lahore and it is near the Expo Centre.

Emporium Mall Amenities

1. 3 Story Spacious Parking Space

2. Multiple Cafes

3. Bookstore

4. Clothing Stores

5. Food Court

6. Big Cinema

7. ATM Machines

8. Playground for children

2- Packages Mall

Packages Mall is a newly built mall and it has been an attraction for Lahoris and people from other cities because of it’s unique structure. This is the best place if you want to visit a shopping mall in Lahore with your family or friends.

packages mall
Source: Packages

Packages Mall is literally a whole package and have all the activities available. From a big food court, international and national clothing brands, accessories shops and electronics shops to cafes, this mall has everything.

Packages Mall Amenities

1. Prayer Rooms

2. Big Parking Space

3. Entertainment Place For Children

4. Bookstore

5. Food Court

6. Cinema

7. ATM Machines

8. Clothing Brands Outlets

3- Mall of Lahore

The Mall of Lahore is situated in Cantt area of Lahore and it has become popular soon after the opening of the mall. The mall has offices, restaurant, gym area, lifestyle products and also fashion brands. Mall of Lahore has 13 floors and it houses over 70 shops for different kind of products in it’s 3 floors. You can get any kind of need met by this mall at one place. There are lots of corporate offices in the above stores of Mall of Lahore.

Mall of Lahore
Source: Bahria Town

You can find every kind of clothing fashion brands in Mall of Lahore. Stores for women clothing, men clothing and kids clothing are available at the mall. It has international and national brands and they have western and eastern kind of clothing options for you to shop.

Mall of Lahore Amenities

1. Gym Area

2. Parking Space

3. Household Supplies

4. Resturants

5. Offices

6. 24/7 CCTV surveillance

7. ATM Machines

8. Residential Apartments

4- Panorama Shopping Centre

Panorama Shopping Centre is one of the biggest shopping malls when it comes to clothing and fashion products. It is situated on the Mall Road, Lahore. It has a ground floor which has a lot stores for men and women clothes. But the real fun begins in the basement floor. They have multiple local shops in the basement which have tons of variety when it comes to men clothing and fashion.

Panorama shopping center

You can find any clothing option that you desire, from wedding clothing to casual clothing. There is a spacious parking space in the second basement floor. If you want to eat something you can just go to Anarkali food street, there is also Chaman ice cream nearby.

Panorama Shopping Centre Amenities

1. Mosque

2. Underground Parking

3. Men Clothing

4. Accessories shops

5- Fortress Square Shopping Mall

Fortress Square is one of the most popular shopping malls in Lahore because it is situated near fortress stadium. It was built in 2014 and was one of the first all in one shopping malls in Pakistan.

fortress square mall

It has 5 floors and also 5 story parking space. The basement floor has a chilling area with some sofas and benches to sit and relax when you are tired and it is surrounded by shops. They have Cinepax cinema on the 2nd floor.

There are all sorts of shops in the mall consisting of, fashion and clothing shops, home supplies, music equipment shop and more. Their 3rd floor has a food court where you can sit and enjoy your favorite food outlets. It’s not as big as Packages or Emporium but it is still enough.

Fortress Square Mall Amenities

1. Cinema

2. 5 Story Parking

3. Food Court

4. Resting Area

5. Music Shop

6. Fully Air Conditioned

6- Shopping Malls on MM Alam Road, Lahore

MM Alam Road has been popular for years in Lahore for providing a great shopping experience for all type of consumers. There are multiple restaurants, cafes and small shopping malls located on MM Alam Road. We thought of mentioning this place too in our guide because it is an important place for a lot of people in Lahore and they have some of their favorite malls nearby.

The shopping malls that are located on MM Alam Road are Blue Mall, Tenth Avenue Mall, 9-Arches Shopping Mall, Mall 96, W Mall, Sorrento Square Mall, and ATC Mall. So if you are in Lahore and want to visit lots of mall on a single road, you must visit MM Alam Road.

7- Amanah Mall

Amanah Mall is located on Model Town Link Road, and is one of the most visited malls in Lahore. It has an area of 6576 square meters, which consists of 4 basements and 8 floors, each floor is designated for separate kind of activities and shops.

There are multiple shops you can go to and buy any household essentials and also fashion clothing. Amanah Mall also has Cinepax Cinema and a high end fitness club for people who are thinking about working out. You can park your car in any of the 4 basements floors that are designated for parking.

Amanah Mall Amenities

1. Cinema

2. Trampoline Park

3. Event Space

4. VR Park

5. Food Court

6. Magic Planet

7. Underground Parking

8- Al-Fatah Mall

Al-Fatah Mall is one of the biggest chain of shopping malls and departmental stores in Lahore. They have been serving Pakistani consumers since 1941. They offer multiple categories of products that you can buy from and have products from your favorite brands and companies on their shelves. Some of the products that you can find at Al-Fatah are electronics products, household appliances, garments, kids wear, health accessories, crockery, jewelry, and beauty products.

They have a total of 19 different branches in Lahore. They are located in Johar Town, Hussain Chowk, Gold Crest Mall, Bahria Town, Model Town Branch, Paragon Branch Lahore, EME Branch, Shadman Lahore, Lake City Branch, DHA XX Block, Cavalry Ground, AIT Lahore, Defense Raya, Wapda Town Branch, Statelife Branch, DHA Phase 1, 5 and 6.

Al-Fatah Mall Categories

1. Electronics

2. Men’s Apparel

3. Ladies Shoes & Bags

4. Color Cosmetics

5. Skin Care & Hair

6. Crockery

7. Decor

8. Household

9. Perfumes

10. Kids Toys & Games

11. Luggage

12. Pet Essentials

13. Fitness & Adventure

9- Xinhua Mall

Xinhua Mall is one of the oldest Malls in Lahore and it was build in 2001. They were the pioneers in Lahore for providing all the facilities under one roof for families and friends. Xinhua Mall is on an excellent and easily accessible location in Gulberg III. It is situated on Mian Mehmood Ali Kassori Road and all the major highways and roads can be used to go to the mall.

They have entertainment, a lot of shopping outlets, food and other options for mall goers. Xinhua Mall is best for it’s lifestyle shopping experience. They provide dazzling experience with their attractive structure and refined choices of shops. Their are a lot of big international and national brands in the mall with high end fashion boutiques, and charming customers of Xinhua Mall love to shop around with their families.

Xinhua Mall Amenities

1. Free Valet Parking

2. Mosque/Prayer Area

3. 24/7 CCTV Monitoring

4. Free Wifi

5. ATM Machines

6. Maintenance and Security

10-Metro malls

Metro was first open as a cash & carry wholesale center in Pakistan in 2007. They are one of the biggest chains of shopping centers in Lahore. You can find any household essential, vegetables, fruits, electronics, toys, clothes, fashion accessories, food, and everything else on wholesale rate.

The unique thing about Metro is that apart from customers, it is also frequently visited by small business owners because Metro offers them wholesale rates. Their goal is to sustain a market place where small vendors in Pakistan can showcase their products and get visibility to a large customer base that visit the mall daily in thousands. You can literally find anything you wanna buy in Metro because they have 20,000+ products in the food and non food categories.

Metro Mall Categories

1. Dairy Products

2. Fresh Meat

3. Fruits and Vegetables

4. Shoes and Clothes

5. Bakery

6. Home Improvements

7. Electronics and Appliances

8. Imported Products

9. Kids Products

11- Carrefour

Carrefour which was once popular by the name of Hyperstar is one of the most popular shopping malls in Lahore. It falls into the category of Al-Fateh and Metro Malls. They started with their biggest branch yet, which was located near fortress stadium. They have a separate building for the parking place with multiple floors to park.

There are two wide floors in this branch. You can find food, fruits and vegetables, clothes for men, women and kids, household essentials, and anything else in this mall. They also have branches in Packages Mall, Emporium Mall. Their stores have 100,000+ products from the food and non food categories.

Carrefour Mall Categories

1. Dairy Products

2. Fresh Meat

3. Fruits and Vegetables

4. Grocery Essentials

5. Clothing and Fashion

6. Home Improvements

7. Electronics and Appliances

8. Imported Products

9. Toys and Gadgets

12- Avenue Mall

Avenue Mall is one of the high end shopping malls in Lahore. It was a project of Farooq Group of Companies. They have a great shopping experience with lots of international and national brands available.

They also have a food court in the mall. Avenue Mall is also one of the largest shopping malls in Lahore with 10 floors and also dedicated space for parking. It is located in DHA, and have been very popular among the residents of DHA and it mostly visited by the people in the area.

Avenue Mall Amenities

1. 10 Floors Plan

2. Dedicated Parking Space

3. 9 Passenger Lifts

4. Centrally Air Conditioned

5. Building Management System

6. Playdium

6. Dine in Area

13- CSD Mall

CSD Malls is a branch of Malls that is spread all over Pakistan. CSD Cavalry Shopping Mall is their biggest branch in Lahore. It is a super mall that has anything you need from food, clothing and household appliances.

Their parking is huge and there are some food shops available outside if you get hungry while shopping. It is not one of the biggest ones but it is still an attraction because of their clean area, and helpful staff. It is mostly visited by military personal but is also getting famous now in general public’s eye.

CSD Mall Amenities

1. Big Parking Space

2. Clean Environment

3. Cooperative Staff

4. Centrally Air Conditioned

The above were some of the shopping malls in Lahore which are either popular for their structure and uniqueness or how big they are and how much they are being visited by Lahoris. But there are still a lot of new malls opening up in Lahore and there are a lot of small ones too. We will make a new post about some of the small shopping malls too in Lahore, or we will add them into this existing list in near future.

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