Top 10 Jewellery Brands in Pakistan

Top 10 Jewellery Brands in Pakistan

Jewellery has always been a companion of women. Especially the Pakistani women’s love for traditional jewellery is unmatchable. Be it any casual hangout, meeting or festive occasion, the perfect look is never completed without jewellery.

Jewellery add grace and attractiveness to the look. The ultimate love for Pakistani women for jewellery is nourished by the brands providing us with masterpieces. Any jewellery you want from gold, silver, and diamond to artificial jewels, brands are providing you with the best.

So, if you are in search of elegant pieces of jewellery and you have a good budget, here are some brands that have premium quality, elegant jewellery that is timeless and will always make you stand out in the crowd: 

  1. Hanif Jewellers:

In any ranking of the top jewellery brands you will see in Pakistan; Hanif Jewellers will surely be on the top. The position is earned with years of class and supreme quality.

Hanif Jewellers deal with intricately designed gold jewellery for every woman. Their diamond stock has the top quality and finest diamonds that will make your every occasion memorable. They also have a gemstone collection you won’t find anywhere else.

In short, Hanif Jewellers cater to your every jewellery need and the jewellery will add a regal touch to your every look. 

  1. Tesoro:

Tesoro has made its place in the top Pakistani jewellery brands with consistent quality. The graceful and elegant artificial jewellery, gemstone and mirror jewellery Tesoro has is something you will never want to miss.

The brand emerged as an artificial jewellery brand and now it is everywhere. They have a wide range of collections and they excel in every nice, be it Western or ethnic jewellery, casual or traditional, they have it all for you.

They have bracelets, rings, earrings, chokers, anklets and everything you will need in both casual or ethnic jewellery. 

  1. Almas Jewellers:

Almas was founded by a family in Lahore, 40 years ago and now they even have a branch in Dallas, UK. Such success isn’t gifted, it is earned. Almas is popular for the traditional jewellery sets they offer for brides.

Their Jahaiz sets to gift your daughter at a wedding are unique, ethnic and intricate. The quality speaks for itself. When it comes to the bride’s jewellery, that is the most special jewellery for a girl and that one day should be perfect.

For this, Almas is never going to disappoint you and that is the reason for their success and demand both nationally and internationally.

  1. ARY Jewellers:

ARY Jewellers is another name that is trustworthy and well-known. The brand has earned the reputation of providing the best quality and the designs to die for.

Their gold sets are popular among the people and are loved worldwide Some people suggest they just deal in gold because that’s what they do best.

Every occasion from parties to engagements and weddings needs jewellery that is the statement piece and makes the look worthwhile, and ARY jewellers make sure that your sparkle never dulls. 

  1. Damas:

We bet that no woman can resist Damas. The classic pieces of jewellery with every piece being the epitome of perfection are irresistible. The class and elegance Damas has is impeccable.

They don’t only deal in Pakistan but they have an extensive network in UAE as well. Damas is a huge brand with small brands like OneSixSight and Forevermark under its name and they make sure that quality is never compromised.

Forevermark deals in world-class diamonds and gold. With its delicate designs and modern yet traditional jewellery pieces, Damas will always be winning hearts. 

  1. Afzal Jewellers: 

Being the Pakistani brand with the IPPA Award for the best jewellery brand, Afzal Jewellers is one of the market leaders. The brand has the widest range of the finest diamond and gold sets.

Every jewellery piece is crafted with delicacy. The intricately designed statement jewellery pieces by their designers will surely make your every occasion better. Afzal Jewellers can never be the wrong choice for any occasion you are shopping for.

  1. Chandi Mahal Silver Jewellery:

When it comes to the silver jewellery, there is no better option than Chandi Mahal. They have the range of silver that is to die for.

The perfectly crafted silver jewellery is designed to make your every event special. Whether you want a ring to wear or a huge Chandi set for big events, the options they have will always impress you.

They have everything from earrings to bangles and anklets, in designs you won’t find anywhere else. 

  1. Hamna Amir Jewellery:

When it comes to versatility and diverse designs, Hamna Amir always wins. The brand is a one-stop shop catering to all the jewellery needs from diamond earrings, bangles, and necklaces to gold jewellery of every type.

Modern and contemporary jewellery with a beautiful traditional touch is something that makes them unique and versatile. Hamna Amir knows what modern brides want and is providing them with exactly that.

Every trendy piece of jewellery will be found here for you. 

  1. Zaheen Kamran:

When we talk about designer jewellery, Zaheen Kamran can never be missed. The PIFD graduated jewellery designer Zaheen Kamran is the modern jewellery lovers’ favourite.

Zaheen Kamran specializes in both modern and traditional jewellery. The nationwide extended network of designers designs intricate designs like kundan, and madrasi style jewellery.

Zaheen Kamran will never disappoint you with the classy mixture of modernism and traditional touch in the jewellery. 

  1. Needles Jewellers:

The brand boasts to be the brand for every woman. They flaunt their designs that are made for every woman of any age. The designs are versatile and are made especially for Pakistani women keeping their style priorities in mind.

This is the basic reason behind their success that they connect with the customers and know what they need. Their shiny dazzling bracelets are to die for and are so much in demand. They are trustworthy and never compromise on quality.

This was our list of the brands that will take your shopping experience to a whole another level. Our love for jewellery is eternal and any look be it casual or festive is incomplete without a statement piece of jewellery. So, to make your moments extra special, these brands will make sure that our jewellery will make you shine and enhance your sparkle.

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