Top 10 Affordable Clothing Brands in Pakistan

Want to get clothes for yourself? The kids? Your friends? Husband? Wife? The In-laws?

Shopping for clothes, whether for an upcoming event or just your routine glam can be quite the challenge; for your mind, your body (if you don’t opt for online shopping), and definitely your pocket as there are quite a lot of steeply-priced articles all of us long for. There are still many affordable clothing brands options available in our local market that will certainly bring you to an article of your liking.

Here we have a list of brands that should be your first to hit shop spots and the best part is that you do not have to fear quality while purchasing items from them online. Their return and exchange policies are flexible along with payment methods at your convenience.

The order of the list is by no means a ranking of the brands from us (in terms of quality and price) but it is guaranteed that here, you will find quality at the right price.

Psst! Their sale seasons are always worth the visit too.

Affordable Clothing Brands 

  1. Beechtree
  2. Armas
  3. Saya
  4. Mannat
  5. Outfitters
  6. Sapphire
  7. Khaadi
  8. Edenrobe
  9. Bonanza
  10. Zellbury


Beechtree brand logo

Beechtree is here to give you a taste of Eastern and Western under one roof. They cater to clothing for women and children (in their Pepperland collection) and their collections are always improving and catering to all kinds of styles. They offer separates as well as 2pc and 3pc articles in their ready-to-wear range. Their western wear is trendy and comfortable. This season we have seen beautiful color palettes with tasty designs in their unstitched collection. You will not regret spending some bills at Beechtree.


Armas Brand logo

Armas specializes in bringing out unique patterns and designs in their brand. It is essentially a ready-to-wear (for women only) retail brand with a single outlet in Lahore currently. They do, however, offer online shopping, and trust us you will not be disappointed if you order from them. Head on to their website or Instagram account and see their work for yourself. They have a good ear for customer demand too.

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Saya Brand Logo

Saya offers a variety of prints in their unstitched and stitched collections. Their prints are mostly digital or a fusion of digital and embroidered. They are budget-friendly and become even lighter on your pocket during sale season.


Mannat Brand Logo

Mannat is another emerging local brand that offers clothing articles with fun designs on a friendly budget for you with another perk. You can opt for a single article from their sets or get them in 2pc or 3pc, as per your choice. They too, however, only have articles for women.

The brands we have talked about so far offer clothing exclusively for women and children, respectively. There are brands that have a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children so they are a one-stop shop if you are in a hurry.


Outfitters Brand Logo

Outfitters gives you a range of affordable western-wear articles for men, women, and children. It’s a must-shop stop if you have a taste for up-to-date western styles. You will not regret adding a few pairs of trousers and tops to your closet. Speaking of trousers; they have great value options during the sale season. Their bottoms are worth the steal prices. Don’t miss out.

Sapphire & Khaadi 

Sapphire and Khaadi are local brands that have emerged successful enough to start internationally as well. Both clothing brands offer clothing for men, women, and children of all age groups and even a home collection with fabric items to embellish your homes all under one roof!

Their home collections include bed linens, dining table sets, cushion cover sets, napkin sets/holders, and much more. You can even check out their complete range of collections online before going out shopping. They have great steals during the sale season. Their clothing articles range from Lux to Everyday Affordable and are all oriented according to the latest trends in cuts, styles, prints, and colors.

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Edenrobe, Bonanza, & Zellbury

Edenrobe, Bonanza, and Zellbury offer Pakistani wear for all (children, women, and men). You will easily be able to find Pakistani clothing articles of your need and preference. May it be a cozy gathering or something formal and happening; they have you covered.

There are of course more brands in the market that offer the same variety of clothing like AlKaram, Ideas by Gul Ahmed, Junaid Jamshed, BTW, and Ethnic, etc.

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