Top 8 brands for ladies bags in Pakistan

Ladies’ handbag has a significant role in completing the look and is a must-have accessory for women. From holding things for you to make a style statement, bags do that all for you. Whether it is a tote bag that you carry to the office or an elegant clutch you carry for a party, bags have a significant role in completing and spicing up your look.

A handbag is a portable storage unit for your things to carry with you and is a must-have accessory for your every look. Finding a perfect bag that is trendy, of good quality, and going with your dress can be a bit of a task. So, if you are looking for the perfect bag for you and don’t know where to go, you don’t have to worry anymore.

We have curated top brands for ladies’ bags in Pakistan. These are the brands you can invest your money in, with the surety of having the best:


Jafferjees is one of the best places where you can find handbags in Pakistan. Established in 1935, Jefferies is one of the biggest retailers of leather bags for both men and women and is in the business for quite some time now. Their experience and quality do it all for you. Although they are not the cheapest ones in the market but surely are the best at what they do.

Jefferjees Handle With Care
Source: Jefferjees

Over 125 years, Jafferjees has become the synonym of uncomparable leather products in Pakistan. From the lady’s bag for an evening party that will make everyone want to have it, to a documented case of unmatchable quality, Jafferjees do it all. You can visit them online and visit them in-store. 

Miniso Pakistan

Miniso is a Japanese lifestyle brand and has a separate section for ladies’ bags. Miniso is becoming famous among the people with its best quality and reasonable prices. Miniso provides you with trend, class, and quality without being heavy on your pocket, what more we can ask for?

Miniso Pakistan Ladies handbags
Source: Miniso

From waist bags, cross body bags, clutches to bucket bags they cover it all for you. So, if you are looking for casual handbags for your office, university, shopping, or party, Miniso is your place. 


Talking of luxury and international brands for ladies’ bags, it is not possible to list them without Aldo being in it. Aldo is a Canadian brand that works worldwide and has a few franchises in Pakistan as well. Whether you want a simple bag or you want to go for something very formal or printed, they have it all. 

Aldo bags
Source: Aldo

The quality of their bags that makes them stand out is that they are handcrafted and natural. With their breathtaking contemporary bags, Aldo is worth spending your money and spicing your fashion game up. 

HOBO by hub

If you are looking for the best bag to make you stand out in the crowd and spice up your look, HOBO is the best place to go for bags in Pakistan. They offer you trendy and stylish bags with super quality fine leather, which makes their bags durable and long-lasting. On their website they have a FAQ section, so you can ask about the material and quality by yourself.

HOBO by hub
Source: Hobo

HOBO believes in customer satisfaction and makes sure of it that customers are getting what they want. They have a wide range of shoulder bags, cross body bags to clutches. So, whatever occasion you are looking for bags for, they got it all sorted and make sure you get what you want. 

Stylo bags

No outfit is completed without a perfect bag that is going with the dress. Stylo understands the importance of bags as it is a must-have accessory for women and focuses on providing the best quality bags for Pakistani women. From clutches to hold on to weddings to simple bags to accommodate more stuff while you are shopping, Stylo is doing that all for you.

Stylo bags
Source: Stylo

Handbags, crossbody bags, or shoulder bags have a wide variety of them all. Stylo emphasizes versatility and has bags for ladies of every age group suiting their choices and moods. 

Unze London

Unze London is a brand that gains popularity in Pakistan in no time. With the best quality and breathtaking designs, they have earned the trust of their customers. Along with other accessories, Unze London also specializes in providing ladies’ bags of a wide range of eye-catching colors and designs. Heavily embellished clutches for brides are the favorite of Pakistani brides now and make their brides look more classy and trendy.

Unze London Bags
Source: Unze London

Simple and chic handbags crossbody bags and shoulder bags have no match. The designs and prints on the bag with elegant color combinations or solid colors are unbeatable. So, wait no more and upgrade your wardrobe with these chic bags. 


Metro is providing Pakistani ladies with shoe bags and accessories since 1986. Metro is well known and trusted among Pakistani fashion lovers. Metro understands the contemporary women of Pakistan and provides them with what they need. Whether you are a housewife, working lady, or go to university or colleges Metro can provide you with a wide range of bags according to your need and liking.

Metro bags
Source: Metro

From bridal clutches or simple clutches to simple or fancy handbags or shoulder bags, the metro provides you with everything. The quality and fashion are being served at very reasonable prices which is worth every rupee. 

Charles and Keith

We are sure you are not hearing the name for the first time. Charles and Keith have been the leading brand and at the forefront of providing the best bags for ladies for quite some time now. Once you enter the store you enter a world full of colors and variety with never-ending options that will make you want to buy them all.

Charles and Keith
Source: Reflexions

If you are ready to spend some amount of money and want your bag to be long-lasting and durable to make your money worth it Charles and Keith should be the first place to visit. 

These are the brands in Pakistan that will provide you with the best bags according to the occasion and will make your look complete and all spiced up, making you look extraordinary and standing out in the crowd.

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