A Guide To Bazaars in Islamabad

jinnah market f7

Islamabad is a city known for its infrastructure and is very well-planned. The city is divided into different residential areas. Every area has a separate market where everything is available. These are called Markaz. Some Markaz is more famous than others. Here is a list of some famous markets in Islamabad. 

  1. F-6 Markaz:

This is officially the oldest market in Islamabad. The Markaz is officially known as Super Market and is established in the 1970s when Islamabad was officially declared as the capital of the country. 

This is a place with a lot of embassies, branded shops, eateries, and much more. The place has everything including branded shops like Khaadi, Bonanza, etc, eateries like American Steak House, Nando’s, and much more. Along with these shops, the market has banks, jewelry shops, accessories, clothes, and everything you will need. 

  1. Aabpara Market, Sector G-6: 

Aabpara Market is also one of the oldest and most affordable places to shop in the city. The name of the market also has an interesting story behind it. It was named after the firstborn child when people shifted to this area for the first time. Aabpara Market is the place where you can find everything from groceries to bedding to clothing at very reasonable prices. Besides branded shops, they have local shops to shop from staying within budget. 

  1. Itwar Bazar Sector G-11, H-9, and G-6: 

If you are looking for something super affordable and that hawker market, Islamabad has this for you as well. The hawker’s galore in Sunday markets of Islamabad are something that you should experience in search of variety and affordable things. These markets have a wide range of products from pre-loved clothes, shoes, etc. to groceries, kitchen accessories, furniture, and much more. 

  1. Karachi Company Sector G-9: 

Karachi Company Sector G-9, also known as G-9 Markaz is the busiest and one of the most visited shopping places in the city. It is the one-stop shop for everything from clothes to accessories. 

It caters to all your needs with shops ranging from accessories, wholesale shops, banks, clothing stores, shoe brands and local shops, bakeries, cafes, food stalls, and much more. It is the go-to place if you want to grab anything to eat, vegetables, fresh fruits, and groceries. 

  1. Jinnah Market, F-7: 

In the heart of the city, Jinnah Market is the place to shop premium quality shopping. Also known as F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Market is the one–stop –shop for the locals and caters to all their needs. 

jinnah market f7

Although you can find everything here, this market is considered a little expensive. But if you have a good budget then the jewelry, antiques, clothes, and handicrafts you find here are unmatchable. High-end cafes like ox and grill, Jessies, and Burn Out restaurant are here. The brands like Nishat, Generations, Hush Puppies, Amir Adnan, and many more are here as well.  

  1. F- 10 Markaz: 

Along with all other markets in Islamabad, F-10 Markaz is also the one being known as the best place for shopping. The shopping experience here is made the best by the branded and local shops of almost everything you will ever need unlimited food choices. The food stalls and the cafes here are known for their great taste and reasonable prices. F-10 Markaz will never disappoint you whether you are looking for something amazing to wear or something tasty and reasonable to eat.

  1. PWD Market: 

PWD is Pakistan Works Department in Islamabad. It has a market associated which is PWD’s main market shopping area. For the locals, this market has always been super helpful catering to their needs and being the one-stop-shop for everything. The market has the shops like miniso, edenrobe, and many more local shops with amazing stuff to buy from kitchen accessories to clothes to food. 

So here was the guide to the markets in Islamabad and what they offer you. Explore them for an amazing shopping experience. HAPPY SHOPPING…

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