Best Online Stores to Buy Clothes in Pakistan

Everyone loves online shopping these days

We humans, in one way or another, prefer items that may provide us with excellent outcomes or services in a short period of time. Most of us spend time online, and speaking of which, most of us enjoy shopping, and what could be more convenient than getting all of those items that you had to go out and purchase and that took a long time by only a click away, exciting isn’t it? 

Thanks to e-commerce for making this a reality for those of us who enjoy buying. The procedure of buying and selling things through the internet is known as online shopping. Buyers have been marketing and selling their items to people who frequently surf the internet since the start of the social media era. Shoppers can order products from a variety of sites from the comfort of their own homes and have them delivered right to the doorstep without any hassle.

Online Shopping Trend In Pakistan

The online shopping trend is becoming more and more popular in Pakistan. Many retailers are now moving to the web to build their clothing or home accessories deals online too. These days individuals are taking on the utilization of online surfing and online shopping quickly for each matter. Hence, numerous reliable Pakistani brands are dispatching their items online so you can purchase your ideal item effectively with a wide scope of assortment at your home with greater availability.

As more businesses migrate to the digital way of trading and doing business, the scope of e-commerce in Pakistan is expanding. Pakistan is currently South Asia’s second-largest e-commerce market. Online shopping is a type of electronic commerce in which clients use a web browser to buy goods or services directly from a vendor over the Internet.

When we talk about purchasing clothes online in Pakistan, many brands have now the facility of websites to purchase their goods from their e-stores. So many new internet shopping stores are showing up consistently. Online shopping is an agreeable way since we can shop the best fashioner garments for ladies, men, kids with different designs and styles at our doorstep.

How to get authentic clothes from online stores?

Major issues arise while shopping with the quality of the item purchased. Individuals are normally controlled and impressed by some shopping sites because of their digital marketing strategies and eye-catching display. But sometimes the items which are shown online in pictures are not conveyed as it is. The items don’t meet individuals’ longings. The greatest component in online shopping is acquiring the trust of individuals. . Everybody is advancing towards cell phones. Because of the expansion in the use of cell phones, the pattern of online shopping in Pakistan is likewise expanding. Notwithstanding the way that it is still more uncommon in Pakistan when contrasted with European nations however it is expanding slowly. So individuals ought to know that from where they should shop.

15 Best Online Clothing Stores

Ever since Covid, online shopping has become a new trend in Pakistan and worldwide. People try to stay at home and be safe, and so the online shopping businesses have expanded a lot. Here is the rundown of the absolute best e-store based shopping sites to purchase garments in Pakistan where client assistance, dependability, nature of the item, and quality are not compromised. These sites have gained name so quickly mainly because of the widespread use of social media, like Instagram and Facebook. The blogger community has also contributed to making these online clothing brands popular. Without further wait, let’s dig into some of the best online stores to buy clothes in Pakistan. is one of the most famous and quickest developing online-based shopping centers in Pakistan; with a presence in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh also. Additionally, there is a wide assortment of thousands of items accessible that incorporate portable, registering, home apparatuses, dress, style and magnificence items, and significantly more. logo

As far as clothing is concerned, Daraz has substantiated itself as the best web-based market in Pakistan. It contains various variations in each sort of wear. Their item quality is remarkable and their costs are additionally standard and affordable. Purchasers can peruse items from a wide range of dealers and really look at their appraisals prior to submitting their requests. With great return and trade strategy has effectively won the trust of clients searching for a solid site for web-based buying in Pakistan.

Export Leftovers (ELO)

Export Leftovers (elo) has worked around observing the best quality marked pieces of clothing at amazing deals and discounts. Umar Qamar began the organization when he was unable to observe global clothing brands in Pakistan.

Export Leftovers logo

Today the organization has set up an organization of providers all through Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China. It is one of the most well-known and trustable online-based clothing brands in Pakistan. It has various scopes of assortments in each kind of attire including men, ladies, and kids. It has increased the expectations of Pakistani apparel and clothing trends universally.


Baroque is the popular online shopping store for women’s clothing. The brand specializes in making formal clothing for weddings and formal events in Pakistan. The selection of colors and accessories for dresses is remarkable and unmatchable.

Baroque logo

The brand offers a variety of designs and sizes to fit the need of all. Baroque is an exclusively online store and provides excellent services and has gained popularity for its quality and in-time deliverance of the product. 

Akhrot Clothing Co (ACC)

Akhrot Clothing co offers us a huge scope of dresses in each kind including men, ladies, kids, which are not only trendy but super pocket friendly. They began this chain on the web and in the wake of acquiring achievement they opened their first store in Islamabad.

Akhrot Clothing Co logo

They are initially renowned as a result of ladies’ clothing. Special plans of this brand make it critical for each and every brand in Pakistan. It offers both traditional and western clothing. That is the reason this brand is one of the most popular online-based clothes brands in Pakistan.

Pak style.PK is a known site that gives driving female fashioners unmatchable garments with the latest designs and high quality in Pakistan just at the ease of their doorstep.

Pak style.PK logo

They have an astonishing scope of designs for all kinds of people. This e-store offers a variety of items to choose from and many different sizes are available for all kinds of body types. 


Khaadi, prior to beginning their business online, was an outlet-based brand and was well known and trustable by many shoppers. Later, with advancements in technology, they designed their website and now many people shop effortlessly from their e-store.

Khaadi kids wear logo

This has not only become handy and convenient but also very time saving for the working people nowadays. When the sale season starts and people rush into stores to get their hands on the best clothing pieces, some people can use the trick of just clicking their way through the online store and order from there. The delivery process is also smooth and mostly the product is delivered within the time span of two days. 


Launched in 2010, Limelight is one of the main retail stores with in excess of 70 outlets across Pakistan and an online-based store like no other. Their philosophy is to give great items at reasonable costs that meet the always-changing style. They offer an all-inclusive resource for all your clothing needs.

limelight logo

Their item range incorporates Unstitched, Prêt, Western Wear, Shoes, and Accessories. After the achievement, they began online business and now give free transportation in major cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. They even have a return policy. If the online shopper doesn’t like the product or the size is not right, they can simply return it to the store and get something else in exchange. 


Outfitters is a name which is most famous for its designs and western-style clothing in Pakistan. Set up in 2003, this is an organization that started off small but expanded within a knick of time to various stores and also set up their online websites later.

Outfitters Brand Logo

Pioneers of giving the most stylish trendy outfits to the Pakistani shoppers, Outfitters has been at the cutting edge of presenting the most recent and trendiest garments for the general population. The brand is excelling tremendously in its online shopping facility, providing the best and trustable shopping experience for the shoppers.

Tooney Teez

This brand creates some of the most amazing sportswear pieces for athletes. Their tracksuits are of the finest quality and very trendy. Tooney teez makes clothes for both men and women. They have a number of sizes available.

Tooney Teez logo

A variety of jogger pants, sweatshirts, and tracksuits can be found in their online store. Their delivery services are super-efficient and they always have something new and classy in their collection, like the famous tie and dye tracksuits trending widely nowadays. 

The Sassy Store Pk

This is another famous online store for western clothing in Pakistan. Exclusively designed for women, this store has some latest designs outfits like shirts, crop tops, jackets, puffer jackets, teddy coats, shoes, jeans, and much more. Their delivery time is 2-4 days and they also have an exchange policy in case of any mishap. 

The Sassy Store Pk logo


This is a Pakistani brand that specializes in making comfortable denim jeans for men and women. Genie is a new brand but has gained popularity through its high-quality products through social media.


They have many designs of jeans; slouchy jeans, high rise jeans, mom jeans, ripped jeans, slim fit, etc. Genie is a local brand and supports locally made items. Part of their sales goes to the non-profit organization TCF. 


Although having few online stores in Pakistan, Almas still has a lot of online shoppers who grab their popular products online and have them delivered to their doorstep. The main reason for having many online shoppers of Almas is that the brand does not have many outlets in Pakistan like other brands.

Almas logo

It merely has two branches each in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi which are the major cities. But people can easily avail themselves of the advantage of their e-store and buy their favorites from their classy collection every season. 

Hustle N Holla

Hustle N Holla is a leading online clothing brand for both men and women. It provides the trendiest collection of clothes and launches the latest designs every season. Their collection includes shirts, shoes, denim, sweaters, and bags.

Hustle N Holla logo

This online brand is the epitome of western wear and provides the best designs of clothing that never run out of style.

Negative Apparel

Negative Apparel is one of the leading online brands for clothing among women in Pakistan. The brand gained major hype when many bloggers tried their outfits and gave positive reviews. The main aim of the brand is to bring western clothing trends in Pakistan that are otherwise not easily available in other stores.

Negative Apparel logo

Their style of clothes and variety of products is unmatchable. The price range is a bit high but their sale season has some very great steal deals to grab. The negative apparel was an exclusive online store until last year when they established their first outlet in Islamabad. 


LAAM is a leading online store that inculcates the clothing of many famous brands in its online store. Their clothing collection is especially for the festive wears that Pakistani women wear at weddings, festivals, or formal events. The variety of outfits is huge including clothes like bridal wear, luxury pret, etc. LAAM has outfits only from designer wear like Ali Xeeshan, Tena Durrani, and many similar top-rated designers.

LAAM logo

The LAAM online store not only functions in Pakistan but provides facilities internationally as well. This is basically one umbrella shopping hub to shop at one-stop for many designers and brands. It’s hassle-free this way instead of searching for different designers separately. Their online store is user-friendly and it takes a few minutes to order from their e-store. Their delivery process is smooth and efficient. 

With the ease of buying your favorite clothes online comes some drawbacks as well. One cannot trust every online shopping site they land into. It takes a lot of research and trial and errors to find the best online clothing store for shopping. So before spending a lot, do your homework and once you find the stores you like and trust, enjoy the online shopping experience and save your time and energy by staying at home. 

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