10 Most Affordable Bridal Designers in Pakistan

10 Most Affordable Bridal Designers in Pakistan

For a girl, her wedding day is the most important and special day of her life. She has been dreaming of looking out of this world on her big day for so long. Women want to look the best and to be remembered by all, their whole life. The bridal dress has a major role in achieving the perfect bridal look. Pakistani bridal dresses are famous all over the world for their bright colors and their embroidery.

From Mayon to Reception, there is a series of events and every event has its specific kind of traditional dress, and most of the brides are happy to follow their tradition. Now in this modern age, brides mostly want their bridal dresses to be done by fashion designers. They choose fashion designers to make their dresses using their expertise instead of choosing all the fabric, embroidery, color scheme, and stitching by themselves.

Unfortunately, the designers like Maria B., Hassan Shehryar, etc. have their bridal ranges just starting from 5 lakhs which everyone can’t afford. Finding an affordable yet best designer is not that easy but we have a lot of designers that can design both the best quality and budget-friendly dresses for your big day.

I have made a list of the best affordable designers that can make you look the best and are pretty much affordable.

Most Affordable Bridal Designers

Murtaza Hussain

Murtaza Hussain is a Lahore-based designer and within very few years he has made his place in the fashion industry. His specialty is playing with colors, the fusion of colors he provides you has no match. Some colors we may don’t like individually but he combines them so well that we can’t take eyes off them.

Murtaza Hussain Bridal Designer

The use of embellishments like Swarovski etc. makes the dresses more eye-catching and beautiful. He understands what contemporary brides want and mixes tradition and fashion very well. And the best thing is that all of this comes on an affordable budget. So, if you want something vibrant, elegant, and budget-friendly, this is your place.

Allechant Couture by Sehar Khosa

Bursting with splendid designs, cuts, and colors Allechant Couture is best in its way. The dresses are trendy, complexly but neatly detailed with embroidery as per the latest trends. The tints and shades of her dresses are very pleasant and fresh and very appealing to the eyes.

Allechant Couture by Sehar Khosa

You don’t have to choose between tradition and modernism, the designer provides you both at the same time.

Nimrah Khokhar

Nimrah Khokhar is a Lahore-based designer, very talented and flawless in her work. If you are looking for something extraordinary and affordable, Nimrah Khokhar can provide you with that without compromising on quality.

Nimrah Khokhar bridal designer

Blending nakshi dabka with pearls and gotta on different variety of fabrics in a very distinctive way makes them unique, and make her dresses stand out in the industry.

Mirusah by Misbah Haider

If you chose Misbah Haider to design the dress for your big day, you don’t have to worry about anything related to your dress anymore. Whether you want an elegant contemporary dress or something very traditional, have a meeting with her explain what you want and then you won’t have to worry.

Mirusah by Misbah Haider Bridal Design

The customer service and the importance she gives to her client’s opinion make her the best. She has Classy, trendy, and traditional dresses in an affordable range.

Hina Mohamed

Hina Mohammed is a Karachi-based designer famous for her traditional dresses. For the brides who love the desi culture and bright colors, Hina Mohammed would be the best choice. The dresses are beautifully handcrafted, depicting our culture but are not flashy and showy.

Hina Mohamed bridal designer

The dresses have very fine fabric and vibrant colors that are perfect for you if you are looking for something traditional and within budget.

Suffuse by Sana Yasir

Being a suffuse bride gives you the perfect that you have dreamed of without being too heavy on your pocket. The designer provides us with splendid floral designs adorned by rich embellishments on the best quality fabric.

Suffuse by Sana Yasir

In short, they are everything a girl would ever want on her big day. The delicate and decent handwork, eastern and western combination makes it a very good choice for your big day.

Maheen Shah

If you are from Islamabad and want the bridal dress to be extraordinary and to make people remember it forever, you are lucky to have Maheen Shah in your city. The girl is balancing our tradition and modernism so well.

Maheen Shah Bridal Design

The adornments of Mukesh and chuniri etc. on modern cuts combine so well making her dresses look out of this world in a very affordable range.

Iqbal Hussain

Iqbal Hussain is yet another Karachi-based designer making the place on this list of affordable and best bridal wear. His specialty is that he uses different types of fabric in a single dress which makes his dresses unique and distinctive.

Iqbal Hussain bridal designer

The dresses are trendy, stylish, and stand out from other designers. With splendid cuts and delicate handwork and rich embellishments, these dresses are to die for.

Amna Syed

When we go for a designer dress spending a reasonable amount of money, we want our dress to be the best and delicate. We want our dresses to be extremely delicate and very neatly handcrafted, Amna Syed is best in that regard and is flawlessly doing it for very long.

Amna Syed bridal designer

Amna Syed is best in providing you with the most delicate and elegant bridal dresses, conserving our heritage. She combines eastern and western so well keeping in context what the client wants.

Warda Qutub Khan

If you are confused about how you exactly want your bridal dress to look like, what type of handwork or embellishment the dress should have, which color should they choose, then Warda is a person you can rely on.

Warda Qutub Khan bridal designer

She understands and handles her customers so well, listening to them and providing them with exactly what they want. The designer’s work is mostly traditional as most of the brides want that. The designer listens to what you want, prioritizes your opinion, and delivers you exactly that at a very reasonable price.

Hopefully, this list will help you find the best and affordable designer, who can make you achieve your dream look.

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