Top 10 Best Selling Clothing Brands In The World

Top 10 Best Selling Clothing Brands In The World

There was a time when people used to cover their bodies with leaves, to protect the body from external hazards. After a long time like this, the clothing and concept of covering the body with clothes were introduced. As time passed, the concept of clothing kept changing, and eventually, clothing was much more than only covering the body parts.

Nice clothing and wearing clothes according to the culture and events became as necessary as any other thing to do. Now in this era when everyone wants to look exceptional and not less than anyone around them, clothing reflects the individual’s personality.  Clothing defines your taste, the nicer you wear the more sophisticated you are considered. People have become brand conscious and brands are considered a status symbol in society. 

The clothing industry is very old, and few brands were able to become popular worldwide. These are the brands that were able to earn the people’s trust by providing the best in quality and adopting the latest trends and are still the best-selling brands all over the world. Their quality and perfection make them the top-selling clothing brands all over the world. 

Here is the list of the top 10 best-selling clothing brands in the world:


The most popular and expensive brand of clothing on this earth is Louis Vuitton and on the other hand the best selling one as well. From leather jackets to ready-to-wear dresses, trench coats, and shoes, Louis Vuitton provides the best clothing ever and is loved worldwide.


The clothes have exceptional tailoring and fit the body so well. It is the brand you never get tired of wearing and never gets old. With a net value of $33.6 billion, the brand is one of the best-selling clothing brands in the world. 


This is an Italian brand with a brand value of $5.5 billion. They have introduced a wide variety of clothing and are among best selling brands in the world. They produce the best upmarket Italian ready-to-wear clothing and leather products.


Their leather jackets are so popular among the people, that they are ready to buy them on whatever it costs. With their fascinating embellishments, radiant prints, and iconic gowns Versace is expensive yet worth buying.


Gucci, which is a top-selling brand now, was established in 1912. Gucci is on the lips of every elite fashion lover in the world. The brand aims on providing quality clothing. The reason for their popularity is their uniqueness.

GUCCI Brand Logo

They make very few products of the same designs so the Gucci users stay unique. They are known worldwide for producing unique and luxury clothing. The revenue of this company is $4.5 million and is the world’s top clothing seller brand.


Ralph Lauren is a brand introduced by American designer Ralph Lauren himself. The brand allows you to choose according to your personality and introduce you to the right use of the different types of clothing.


The brand provides unique and trendy clothing at cheaper prices than the competitor brands. With an estimated worth of $7.8 billion, it is one of the top-selling brands and worn by many famous personalities.

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Founded by Coco Chanel in 1993, Chanel is one of the leading clothing brands worldwide. Chanel focuses on women’s clothing lines. The reason for their demand is that they value the comfort of women and make them feel comfortable and stylish in their dresses.

CHANEL Brand Logo

Chanel got fame from their “The little black dress” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Chanel has 310 showrooms around the world and is one of the top-selling clothing brands in the world.


With their flawless tailoring, fascinating and outclass dressing, Armani is one of the top-selling clothing brands worldwide. The brand value of Armani is $3.1 billion. The reason for Armani being so famous and best-selling is that it has earned the trust of Hollywood stars, who are now their loyal customers.

ARMANI Brand Logo

People follow the stars and the latest fashion trends make them buy Armani and look stylish and trendy. The brand makes the perfect suits, has leather jackets, and much more.


Parada was started in 1913 by an Italian leather manufacturer Mario Parada. Shopping from Prada is probably on the wish list of every girl. From Bella Hadid to any other girl every girl loves Prada. Their splendid designs, vivid prints make every girl feel special.

PRADA Brand Logo

It focuses on minimalist construction and trendy designs. With its net revenue of $3 billion, Parada has massive sales all over the world. Thus, it makes number 7th on the list of the world’s 10 top-selling clothing brands. 


The company was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermes and they have been successful throughout the whole journey. Hermes is also known as Hermes International and Hermes of Paris. Despite being an online brand, the brand has earned huge fame and success by providing quality products according to the latest trends in their unique style.

HERMES Brand logo

The brand has expertise in producing both men’s and women’s belts, sports clothing, riding gloves, etc., and secures the eighth place in leading sellers of clothing internationally.


Burberry is a British Luxury Fashion House famous for its trench coats worldwide. Burberry is also known for its innovations in fashion clothing. You can see every other Hollywood celebrity wearing Burberry. Burberry has earned this fame and respect due to its super quality and variety which suits everyone.


Burberry has even obtained a Royal warrant now. Having a revenue of $4 billion and 498 showrooms worldwide Burberry is one of the largest retailers in clothing internationally.


The brand is providing luxury clothing since 1985, and since then it is the best seller of t-shirts. To all your dressing confusions Fendi is the smart solution. Everything you want to up your style game and clothing, Fendi has it. In a very short period, Fendi has been tagged as the most expensive clothing brand but it does not stop its customers from shopping here.

FENDI Brand Logo

Even the prices are so high, their articles sell like hotcakes and are one of the best sellers of the world clothing industry.

Once the clothing was just to cover the bodies up, but now it has turned into a fashion business. The brands are in a constant struggle of being the number one, winning the competition by earning more customers, and maintaining their position in the industry.

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