Best Trouser Designs in 2021-2022

Best Trouser Designs in 2021-2022

Trouser Trends in the 90s

During a trip to Venice, Coco Chanel was first introduced to wide-legged trousers, which signified the beginning of a new era in women’s trousers design. Until then, only female laborers wore trousers, and solely for the sake of convenience while working.

The baggy pants became a prominent fashion statement, thanks to Coco Chanel’s statement outfits and looks. Cigarette pants with a high waist and capri pants became popular in the 1950s. These pants had wide waistbands, side zippers, flat fronts, and high waists, among other features.

Following the hippy period in the 1970s, bell-bottom that look like flared trousers gained popularity. The manly silhouette with traditional corporate pants and big jackets became popular in the 1980s. The grunge trend of baggy pants and trousers and ripped jeans was popular in the 1990s. Then came the low rise and skinny jeans in the year 2000. Sporty chic is currently in vogue, with sleek track trousers and pants suits.

What’s New in Trousers in 2021-2022?

We won’t judge you if it’s been a while since you pulled a pair of dress pants from the back of your wardrobe. While working from home, we all took a more casual approach to fashion, but now that many of us are returning to the office, it’s time to refresh our wardrobes and make sure we have at least a few boardroom-ready pieces on hand.

Best Trouser Designs in 2021-2022

During the winter season of the year 2020, it appeared that women’s pant trends were gradually shifting away from the high-waisted crop and toward the low-rider of the early 2000s. But then there was the 18-month stretch from spring 2020 to summer 2021, when sweatpants were pretty much the only option. For the first time in our adult lives, we had the opportunity to dress exclusively for ourselves while under lockdown.

For almost a year or more, standing in front of our closets didn’t involve calculating who we’d see that day, how far we’d be walking, or if we’d be eating spaghetti. We’re in the midst of a pants paralysis now that (some) schools and offices have reopened. What style should I purchase? Which pair of pants are truly worthwhile? This is something every woman is thinking about while selecting an outfit. 

Looking into the summer pants, because of their casual and wide-leg shapes, they will work for almost any situation. They’re perfect for beach days or sailing days and can accompany you on trains, planes, or cars no matter you’re traveling to a tropical destination or commuting to work. Not to mention, if you opt to follow the summer trend of tees and crop tops, a pair of long pants will look great with them. Similarly, the winter cozy trend of plush or mink trousers will be your best friend for the whole season whether you are staying the night in or going for a quick coffee grab with your pal. Another great pick for winter trousers is wool trousers and leather pants to be stapled with cool baggy sweaters or crop sweats. 

Getting the right pair of trousers with your outfit is something most women struggle with. And selecting the right fabric is also the tricky part. If you are looking for the best trouser designs of 2021, you have landed on the right page.

18 Best Trouser Designs of 2021-2022

1. Wide-leg Trousers

The most feminine work wear or party wear option is wide-leg trousers. It is designed in a beautiful A-line shape, sliding from the high waist to a floor-sweeping hem. With a pair of heeled boots, they’ll add inches to your height. 

Wide-leg Trousers

2. High-Waisted Pants

This popular pair of pants has received a five-star rating from many online and in-store buyers, and we can see why. They offer a beautiful high-waisted silhouette that embraces all your curves while providing the comfort of leggings and the elegance of dress pants.

High-Waisted Pants

3. Paper Bag Ankle Trouser 

You’ll look great in a pair of sophisticated paper bag pants that can be worn to work or on a night out with your girls. The loose fit will keep you comfortable as you work, and the pants can be worn in a variety of ways, making them a flexible addition to your office attire.

Paper Bag Ankle Trouser 

4. High Rise Skinny Ankle Pants

These dress pants are a timeless wardrobe essential with very fine and comfortable material. These crisp dress trousers can be paired with sneakers for a casual look or with high heels as party wear. They look equally gorgeous on any type of body, from regular to petit fits. 

High Rise Skinny Ankle Pants

5. Chinos 

These effortlessly fashionable trousers are lightweight and cotton-made. A traditional chino pant will never go out of style. The uncomplicated style is more accessible than some other trousers or pants, and the fabric is both comfortable and easy to maintain.


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6. Jogger Pants 

Jogger pants is the most trendy fashion line that women have started wearing for all kind of activities. Whether they have to go out for a jog or play tennis, or pull out a chic outfit for a day party or casually dress for a meet-up, a jogger pant has become a go-to wardrobe staple. These have a high knotted waist, tapered leg, and ruffled ankles, which is one of the most favorite features.

Jogger Pants 

7. Palazzo Pants 

One can never be mistaken with palazzo pants because they are always in style. They’re also recognized for being light and airy. With a well-fitted shirt, the more tailored ones can be worn to work. They also look great with stilettos and heels.

Palazzo Pants 

8. Culottes 

These are shorts of some sort. They’re either knee-length or somewhat longer. Capri or pedal pusher pants are 3/4-length pants that end just below the knees. Typically, the hem is cuffed.


9. Punk Trousers 

These trousers have a lot of stitching patterns and pockets on them rather than functional pockets. They are extremely popular among the younger population, and the style changes over time.

Punk Trousers 

10. Cargo Trousers 

Cargo trousers or carpenter pants include more pockets with different types of designs than standard pants, which are normally situated halfway down the legs of the pants. The carpenter pants include more than four pockets and hammer loops, which are additional hoops (under the main pockets).

Cargo Trousers 

11. Boot-Cut Trousers 

Though the boot cut trouser is primarily identified with boot cut jeans because it was first used in jeans, it is now utilized in other sorts of pants. It’s unclear when or how this cut was created, but one thing is certain: it’s one of the most popular sorts of pants, and everyone owns at least one pair.

Boot-Cut Trousers

12. Yoga Pants 

Yoga pants, contrary to their name, are not solely worn during yoga or workout. These trousers are the most comfiest that you’ll ever wear since they let you stretch and move into any posture while still remaining relaxed. Because they are usually constructed of soft fabrics, such as cotton, they allow you to move freely despite being skin-tight. Yoga pants are also available in a variety of tints and colors, allowing you to buy multiple pairs and wear them anytime you like.

Yoga Pants 

13. Drainpipe Trousers 

These trousers are also called stovepipe pants which actually means fitted silhouette in types of pants. This name is nearly associated with thin jeans, so you’re familiar with the look. Stovepipe pants have tapering legs and are very narrow fitting (like trousers or jeans). When you wear them, they nearly seem like leggings. The majority of stove pipe pants are meant to be worn at the ankle. Cigarette pants and pencil leg pants are two more names for these pants.

Drainpipe Trousers 

14. Stirrup Pants

Stirrup pants look much like leggings. Leggings and stirrup pants vary in that leggings include a linking strap that runs under the foot and holds the pants in place somewhat like a belt.

Stirrup Pants

15. Peg-leg Pants 

These pants have a relaxed fit with a cropped tapering leg that tapers and becomes fitted at the ankle. The pants include darts in the legs to make them narrow fitting.

Peg-leg Pants 

16. Tapered Pants 

Tapered pants are incredibly stylish and give a lot of elegance to your outfit. The ones with a high waistline look finest, and depending on the occasion, they may be worn with heels or flip-flops.

Tapered Pants 

17. Eastern Pants 

These are also called shalwars, with large flares at the bottom and elastic on the waistline. There are many types of eastern pants, like Patiala shalwar, tulip shalwar, dhoti, etc. 

Eastern Pants 

18. Dungarees 

These are the trousers that extend upward making an apron at the chest and tied to two stripes, one on each shoulder. The dungarees are usually made of thick fabrics. The apron part of dungarees usually has pockets on it. They can be worn casually. 


Choosing Your Right Fit! 

In this article, we’ve explored and identified some of the most popular varieties of women’s pants and trousers. This article will assist you in selecting the appropriate bottom-wear for any kind of occasion. Decide your look for the event, research what kind of trousers will best suit your top, and discover the perfect pair of trousers to turn heads everywhere you go.

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