Famous Jeans Brands in Pakistan

Famous Jeans Brands in Pakistan

Jeans pants are an essential wardrobe component for every modern fashion-conscious girl and guy. Jeans have long been a popular choice. Denim jeans, a casual tee and a formal dress shirt usually come to the rescue when nothing else works. It is widely acknowledged that men prefer to wear jeans and trousers more than women all around the world. But nowadays, women find jeans equally comforting and easy to go apparel for everyday use. Online shopping for jeans and pants in Pakistan is currently highly popular in all of the country’s major cities. Wearing jeans to look fashionable and gorgeous has become a fad and vogue. We have a limited budget yet nevertheless want to seem attractive. As a result, knowing the best jeans brands in Pakistan is crucial. 

Keep a few things in mind when purchasing jeans pants in Pakistan. First and foremost, match your purchases to the occasion (casual or exceptional), second, you should know about your size, third, one should also be aware of the style or cut (high waist, ripped, boyfriend, colored, skinny, high medium), and fourth, what color you want color (basic blue denim jeans and black jeans are usually the wardrobe essentials). These designs were particularly for the ladies as ladies find it tough to buy pants because there are so many various kinds and cuts of jeans available in Pakistan. Whereas for men, basic designs are made with few additions like ripped, slim fit etc. 

Jeans Brands in Pakistan

If you are looking to understand more about jeans and jeans types, and famous jeans brands in Pakistan, you have landed in the right place. Here is the list of famous jeans brands in Pakistan for both men and women;


Every Pakistani owns at least one pair of Levi’s jeans. It is one of the most famous jeans brand in Pakistan. They created a reputation for themselves by providing high-quality, one-of-a-kind items. Levi’s is popular for its superior jeans, which are preferred by practically every male and female in Pakistan. A little higher on price, but their jeans are worth the buy and long lasting.

Levi’s logo

Regular taper fit jeans, boot cut design, straight jeans, and comfort fit jeans are among the many styles available. Although it began production in 1853, Levis Strauss became one of the most well-known and well-known jeans brands in the world by the end of the nineteenth century. Levi’s jeans are relatively reasonably priced in Pakistan. Levi’s makes jeans for people of various ages, size and shapes. In this fast-paced era, it is one of the most popular men’s and women’s jeans brands.

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Outfitters jeans are well-known among Pakistan’s energetic young people. This brand’s jeans are one-of-a-kind and come in a variety of designs. The Outfitters brand jeans are machine washable. These jeans also come in both stretchable and non-stretchable fabrics. The fabric of outfitters jeans is also exceptionally comfortable and soft.

Outfitters Brand Logo

Users will appreciate the increased comfort that the Outfitters brand jeans provide. Outfitters jeans are created using a water-saving technology. If we compare outfitters jeans price range with other brands, it is so far the affordable jeans brand for both women, men and children. Also the brand is trustable and old. Every new collection of outfitters’ attires becomes the talk of the town instantly and people go crazy over purchasing their products. 


Like all other varieties of western clothing that breakout offers, it also has some very unique collections of jeans for men and women. Breakout is a well-known brand of western jeans in Pakistan. It provides customers in Pakistan with the highest-quality denim jeans. In Pakistan, this jeans brand debuted in 2006.

Breakout Kids logo

It offers men, women, and children a wide choice of simple and fashionable jeans. Breakout jeans are made of high-quality cloth. Furthermore, retailers for the Breakout jeans brand may be found in all of Pakistan’s main cities. The cost of this brand is fair.


If you’re a consistent fashion-driven individual, who keeps up with the latest trends, then Mango is, without a doubt, the greatest brand to check out. When it comes to their jeans, their sizing is excellent, the thin jeans have a slimming effect, and they are quite comfy.

mango brand logo

Although this is one of Pakistan’s most expensive denim brands, you can get some great prices during their sales. 


Wrangler is a brand of jeans made in the United States. In this country, the exquisite design of jeans is well-known. It first appeared in the United States in 1947. Furthermore, this brand’s denim jeans are the most popular among men and women in Pakistan. It sells jeans in a variety of attractive hues.

Wrangler brand logo

Wrangler jeans also keep you warm during the winter and have a breezy effect during hot summer days. It makes the best jeans on the market by employing cutting-edge processes. The backside of the jeans has a W signature, which is the most gorgeous feature of the pants. Clothing, they believe, should be created to meet the requirements of the people who use it.


Next jeans are also one of Pakistan’s most well-known denim brands. As a result, it is in high demand in Pakistani markets. Furthermore, this brand’s children’s collection is the most well-known on the globe. It is a well-known multinational brand that has a lengthy history in Pakistan.

Next Kids

In addition, Next jeans are stretchable. Its jeans have a long-lasting tint that does not fade when washed. The best thing about Next Jeans is that they provide the best fit for all sizes. 


Cougar, a well-known western clothing brand, now has retail locations in Pakistan’s most well-known malls. Their jeans are of great quality, precisely what one would expect from global brands.

cougar logo

Their stores are located in many cities of Pakistan. The price range is extremely pocket-friendly even without sales. Their jeans for men and women have a variety of designs and colors and superb quality. 


This brand was first recognized for its incredible variety of sweaters and other clothing, but it quickly expanded to include every other type of clothing. Crossroads, which was founded in 2002, has distinguished itself by ensuring that it fills a gap in the Pakistani western wear clothes market. You may now find a wide variety of formal, informal, and casual clothing here.

crossroads brand logo

They’ve also dazzled us with some unique and amusing collections, such as the addict collection or the more formal “Noir” collection, from time to time. The average cost of a pair of jeans in Pakistan is roughly PKR 1500 which is light on pocket and easily accessible for many people. 


The Engine is a brand of jeans that caters to individuals of all sizes, shapes, and ages. From little children to the elderly, everyone may find decent, high-quality brand jeans. This brand makes stylish jeans for people of all ages.

engine logo

Not just in Pakistan, but all around the world, the brand enjoys a solid reputation and goodwill. It has over 28 stores across Pakistan. The price range is quite reasonable. 

Pepe Jeans

Pepe jeans London, which began operations in 1973, is one of the most well-known jeans labels in the world. Initially, the company produced clothing on a small scale, but its brand has since grown in popularity all over the world.

Pepe jeans logo

The company’s main headquarters are in Spain. They have pure cotton jeans in their collection which are super comfortable and of high-end quality. 


Guess is a well-known jeans brand that is sold all over the world. It provides customers with the highest-quality jeans. This brand’s price is also reasonable. Furthermore, the Guess brand jeans are available in all sizes. As a result, it is one of Pakistan’s most popular jeans brands among the country’s youth.

Guess logo

It also has a large choice of men’s and women’s jeans collections. This brand’s outlets may be found in all of Pakistan’s main cities. The main features of Guess jeans are that they are available in all sizes and are affordable. 


Diesel is a well-known multinational denim brand from Italy. This jeans brand was founded in Molvena, Italy, in 1978. It is best known in Pakistan and other parts of the world for its jeans. Diesel also provides high-quality jeans to Pakistani customers. It has a large selection of jeans for males, females, and kids.

Diesel logo

Furthermore, it creates the world’s finest casual wear. This jeans company is constantly innovating in order to bring new goods to market. Diesel jeans can be easily purchased from stores and online in Pakistan. They provide premium casual wear within an affordable price range. 

By The Way (BTW) 

BTW is mostly known for its fusion clothing for women also has a wide range of jeans collections for both men and women. Their jeans collection is the chicest and newest design. They are available in all sizes and have a perfect fitting.

By The Way logo

They offer both light blue, dark blue, and black denim jeans with certain patterns, cuts, and rips on them. The price range is PKR 2000 – PKR 4000, but their sale season is a steal deal to grab your favorite jeans from. 


One is the cultural-oriented brand of Pakistan for both men’s and women’s outfits collections. Their jeans are very comfortable and best for daily use. One pair of jeans does not cost much and anyone can easily afford them.

one brand logo

Their factory outlets give out some amazing discounts starting from a few hundred rupees to thousands. Their jeans are of premium quality and last longer. 

Ending Remarks

Wearing jeans has become a common practice in Pakistan for males and females. The only problem comes that which brand to choose to get a good pair of jeans which is affordable and will last for a longer period of time. Luckily, with all these amazing brands in Pakistan, getting your hands on any kind of jeans is not really a biggie! One must know what he/she wants to wear and for what occasion, do the research, and they are good to go to pamper themselves with a newly launched pair of jeans.

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