Top 10 Jeans Brands For Girls in Pakistan

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Fashion trends are changing rapidly in our society. In fact, it is not false to say that we have become a fashion-driven community making and adopting new trends as soon as they arrive in the market. People of Pakistan have become extremely brand conscious in the last few years. The brands have thrived equally to provide the best to suit everyone’s needs. Brands have always kept up with the changing styles and the way people use various outfits for different occasions. However, one attire that has never been out of style is wearing jeans. 

In the beginning, when Pakistani people started adopting western culture, jeans were mostly worn by men. But over time with the increase in the number of working women and feminism, jeans have become very common among women too. Now we see many men, women, and kids wearing jeans casually. Girls are no longer frowned upon for wearing jeans like in old times, it has in fact become the comfiest and on-the-go outfit for women. 

Initially, not many brands were launching jeans for women, but now many of them have actually become famous specifically for women’s jeans. Jeans are made in different designs and colors to fulfill everyone’s desire. It is a common practice to wear jeans with literally anything; be it a short top, a long kameez, a knitted winter sweater, or even frocks. There is nothing as ‘not in style’ apparel to be stapled with jeans. Women and girls can pull off jeans with anything and it doesn’t even look odd. 

10 Jeans Brands For Girls

Women wearing jeans is the most invigorating fashion trend of all, making women feel empowered and beautiful. There are many Pakistani brands that make jeans for women and the increasing demand has led brands to produce many designs and varieties so that every girl can get her hands on her favorite pair of jeans. Let’s have a look at the top 10 jeans brands in Pakistan for girls.


Breakout is a Pakistani brand launched in 2010 and famous for its western outfits. It is one of the well-known brands that girls can trust to buy jeans from. They make comfortable and breathable pair of jeans with high quality providing different sizes so that it fits every girl’s needs.

Their jeans represent the New York street fashion giving out a very chic look. They make many types of jeans like straight jeans and high waist jeans. The concept of balloon jeans was first founded by Breakout. It is also a pocket-friendly brand and its sale season is beyond amazing. Breakout outlets are located in many cities of Pakistan and can easily be found in various malls. You can buy their products online from here.

girl wearing jeans
girl wearing jeans with white shirt


Outfitters is very famous among the young generation. It was established in 2003 for youngsters to indulge in the latest fashion trends. Outfitters jeans for girls is an effortless way to style different apparel with. They come in a variety of designs and cuts.

They have introduced embroidered jeans, which are a mix and match of western and eastern culture. Moreover, they also make jeans designs like boot cut, high waist, ripped jeans, mom jeans, and flared jeans. Outfitters have over 120 outlets located in 20 cities of Pakistan. Buy clothes online from Outfitters here.

girl wearing black jeans
women posing with jeans


Levi’s is an American company established in 1853 and is exclusively famous for its denim jeans. Levi’s jeans are most popular because of their durability. People can get single jeans and they will remain new for years. Levi’s specializes in making jeans for both men and women. It has launched many outlets in Pakistan and instantly got famous.

It is the most affordable jeans brand in Pakistan. It designs women’s jeans in many styles including vintage-inspired jeans, 70s style jeans, skinny jeans, and many more. It is located in many cities of Pakistan and also has its factory outlets located in several areas where people can buy jeans at half a price or even less. Buy Levi’s women’s jeans collection from here.

women wearing levi jeans
women wearing super skinny jeans


By The Way (BTW) is a new brand that has a mix of both eastern and western clothing. Their jeans for women are famous for their delicacy and motifs and pearl embellishments. Their collection of women’s jeans is not very huge in variety but is unique and classy.

Their jeans are affordable and come in all sizes. When the sale season is going on, their jeans collection is a steal deal not to be missed out on. The stores of BTW are located in major cities of Pakistan mostly found in different malls. You can also buy their collection online from here.

ruff jeans
women wearing blue jeans


NEXT is a UK-based brand that has set its ground in Pakistan because of its super high-quality jeans and flattering designs. NEXT earned its name for being classy, vogue, and easily accessible to get any kind of jeans while remaining light on the pocket. Although the majority of the population still cannot afford to buy NEXT jeans, their discount season makes up for them. Girls can style NEXT jeans with high heels for an office meeting or with long boots or joggers to spend a girl’s night out. NEXT is a one-stop for girls to slay and fully enjoy fashion. NEXT has limited outlets in major cities of Pakistan. 

women with black jeans
women wearing blue jeans


Cougar is a Pakistani brand that aims to fulfill the fashion thirst of the urban youth. It brings very cozy and trendy outfits to stay connected to the western way of styling. Cougar is a very affordable brand and makes high-quality denim jeans. Girls buy jeans from Cougar mostly for styling casual looks. It is an extremely affordable brand that brings a new collection of jeans every season. Their discount season is a great deal to avail for everyone. It is located in many cities with numerous outlets in Pakistan. You can also buy women’s jeans online from their store here.

women wearing cougar jeans
women wearing black jeans


Mango is an international brand that manufactures one of the best jeans for girls. The sizing and quality of Mango jeans are unmatchable. If you are a true fashion lover, you can never go wrong with getting your hands on one of the pairs of jeans from Mango. Although the brand is expensive, one can still steal some awesome pieces from their sales. Mango has limited outlets in Pakistan. If you want to order online you can visit this website.


A UK brand that has established its outlets in Pakistan and is famous for its western touch in clothing, Quiz brand is a great deal for women of upper class having exquisite fashion sense. Quiz make women jeans that have a good fitting yet very comfortable to be worn anywhere and everywhere. It is an expensive brand that only a few can afford yet has a very high demand. It is located in very few cities of Pakistan but still has a great name among many people and you can also buy their clothes online

women wearing jeans


Stoneage is a Pakistani brand launched in 2005. It is well known for its denim jeans providing excellent quality. The brand has maintained its name in the market and has never gone out of style. It brings new designs of girl’s jeans every season. They make a chic and comfortable variety for women’s jeans. The prices are affordable for the majority population. The brand has many outlets in all major cities of Pakistan.

blue jeans
black jeans


CrossRoads is a Pakistani brand that was launched in 2002 and is famous for its streetwear outfits. The brand makes various types of jeans for girls that suit every occasion. Their jeans are durable and of high quality. The brand has maintained the trust of its customers ever since its launch and has successfully expanded into 45 outlets in many cities of Pakistan. Their jeans are affordable and anyone can have access to their products easily. 

That’s an end to our list. We hoped you liked it.

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