Best Women Clothing Brands In Pakistan

Best clothing brand for women in pakistan

Not long ago, Pakistan started following the bandwagon of brand culture like many other countries. The brands were limited to a small portion of consumer society in the beginning, given that the awareness and marketing of brands were not very popular. With time, as technology grew and people became more aware of the fashion trends, brands started to emerge as a sign of style and class and ultimately gained their position as a prominent cultural entity. 

There are a number of brands in Pakistan that are running successfully and have attained people’s interest, especially among women. The demand for brands has increased because everyone desires to stand out with the type of branded outfits they own and wear. Many Pakistani brands are not only famous in Pakistan but have also marked their popularity internationally. 

Women Clothing Brands

If you’re looking for designer clothes for an event, summer clothes to beat the heat, or winter collections, Pakistani brands have it all covered for you. Let’s have a look at the ten best clothing brands for women in Pakistan. 

  1. Gul Ahmed 
  2. Sana Safinaz
  3. Nishat Linen
  4. Khaadi
  5. Maria B.
  6. Limelight
  7. Bonanza Satrangi
  8. Sapphire
  9. Generation
  10. Ethnic

Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed logo

When talking about the top ten women’s clothing brands in Pakistan, Gul Ahmed has to be the first one on the list. It is the oldest brand of Pakistan that was established in 1953 and has stood its ground to date. Every summer, women rush to the Gul Ahmed stores for the breezy lawn collections. It has a variety for all age types and for all occasions. One of the best features of the Gul Ahmed brand is that their sales are beyond amazing. Their unstitched collection is most popular among women. However, the ready-to-wear outfits have also a very eye-catching variety in both printed and embroidered dresses. They have a chain of 40 stores in Pakistan. 

Sana Safinaz

sana safinaz logo

Sana Safinaz is a well-known clothing brand of Pakistan founded by two women in 1989. It is famous for its delightful collection of luxurious outfits. The brand owners have raised the bar of fashion and style in Pakistan’s fashion industry. Sana Safinaz brand includes all types of apparel; Bridal, formals, semi-formals, Pret wear, unstitched, printed, and embroidered. Their collection speaks for itself in terms of its class and elegance giving the hits of both modern and traditional style for all age groups women. In terms of its price range, it is slightly higher than the other Pakistani brands. Sana Safinaz has spread its wings across many cities of Pakistan in a very short span of time. 

Nishat Linen

Nishat website logo

It is believed that no summer can go without wearing Nishat’s lawn! Nishat is a Lahore-based brand that was established in 1992. Over the years, Nishat has continued to grow to bring exceptionally beautiful designs and carving out of the box. The unique work done on each and every item with utmost sophistication is what makes the brand stand out. The brand serves all cloth types including linen, lawn, cotton, cambric, cotton net, silk, and khaddar. If you want grace and elegance in apparel, look nowhere, Nishat is all you need to embellish yourself. 


Khaadi brand logo

The unique floral designs on an outfit are the symbol of it belonging to none other than the famous brand Khaadi. Established in 1998, the brand has opened numerous branches within Pakistan as well as internationally. Its pocket-friendly price range and ever-changing unique and new designs that appear every season yearly have made the brand popular both among middle-aged and young women. Khaadi launches a wide range of variety including luxury pretwear (known as Khaadi Khas), Khaadi Kids, Khaadi Pret, and Khaadi unstitched clothing.  

Maria B.

maria b logo

Maria B. is one of the top brands of Pakistan which includes but is not limited to bridal designs, formals, and casual wear. It has earned its name exclusively for its formal collections. The brand was established in 1999 and has kept its grace and elegance up to the mark ever since. It is also an expensive brand that only a certain class of people can afford. It is one of the few famous brands that offer haute couture and has continued to flourish in this area with plenty of ramps walks within and outside of Pakistan. 


limelight logo

Mainly known for its ready-to-wear collection, the brand Limelight, launched in 2010, has actually brought prominence to trendy and unique clothing variety for today’s generation. The brand designs apparel of all types including unstitched and Pret wear but has gained more hype for the Pret wear collection because of its distinctive designs. The brand is also light on pocket and that is a big reason why it is many women’s favorite when it comes to shopping for formal or casual events. 

Bonanza Satrangi

bonanza brand logo

Bonanza brand started off as winter wear for women men and kids back in 1976. Over the years, it has flourished and launched its new affiliated brand Bonanza Satrangi. Bonanza Satrangi is well known for its casual and formal wear. Recently, they have also started including the bridal sections in their closet. Their versatile designs and a huge variety of ready-to-wear, unstitched, and many options of cloth to choose from for all seasons have made the brand popular among teenagers, youngsters, and adults. 


sapphire brand logo

Sapphire brings uniquely crafted designs that give the touch of a traditional mix in modern apparel. The brand was established in 2014 and is known for its classy ready to wear collection. The unstitched collection has also grabbed quite much attention but people usually go for their outstanding pret wear. Although many now believe that the brand is exceeding the price range, its beautiful collection and carefully picked motifs still make it irresistible to many. 


generation brand logo

The brand generation has brought the perfect sense of innovation with its sophisticated collection for women’s wear. The brand was made by a couple in 1983 who have tried to keep classic fashion alive. It is exclusive to ready-to-wear collections only. The generation apparels are the descriptions of the old tales reminding us of the simpler times and effortless fashion. Although the brand has kept the traditional style upgraded, it has not lost touch with modern fashion. Synchronization of the classic and modern and very affordable prices of the new arrivals every season has made the brand very popular among women. While the oldies live the joyful past memories wearing a generation outfit, youngsters are fully amused by the modern hit the outfits have in them. 


ethnic brand logo

Ethnic brand was established in 2013. It is commonly known for its designs that keep Pakistani fashion close to its roots. It specializes in making both eastern and western clothing for women. The brand launches its ready-to-wear and unstitched collection for every season bringing exquisite formals and casuals. The amalgamation of traditional and modern brings numerous options for today’s urban Pakistani women. The brand has different price ranges so it always has something for everyone who celebrates fashion and is a true shopaholic. 

Shop your best choices from these amazing brands and slay in your outfit!

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