Top 8 Lingerie Brands in Pakistan

Top 8 Lingerie Brands in Pakistan

Shopping for lingerie can be a difficult task especially for women living in Pakistan. Although having to choose and wear undergarments and lingerie is a basic need of every woman, but in Pakistan, it is considered taboo to talk about them and openly roam around to buy them.

In past, there were not many shops and brands that sold undergarments due to which women found it very difficult to get any of them easily. Even if there were shops, they were owned by males and the females were not comfortable buying from them. There was not much variety to choose from either. Women would get anything they could from the local market. But, as the Pakistani fashion industry has evolved and a number of clothing brands have launched, there is a tremendous change in women’s lingerie wear as well. There are now many brands that are specifically made for women’s undergarments. 

As the concept of women’s lingerie started to normalize in Pakistan, many companies started establishing lingerie brands. Not only in the retail outlets, but many brands are now offering online stores for women to get any kind of lingerie they desire at the comfort of their homes. There’s also a change in the salesperson for the lingerie section. Brands are now hiring female staff for this purpose so that no woman feels unsafe or being judged while buying a pair of lingerie for herself. 

The styles and designs of lingerie pieces have also made a positive shift over the years. Before, there were only basic bras and panties available in the market. But now, a number of designs and materials are used to make undergarments of various types. Items include lingerie wear like bikini, bras, corset, thong, bodysuit, a strapless bra, panties, lace panties, camisole, robe, nursing bras, silicone nipple covers, sports bra and many other options to choose from. 

Top Lingerie Brands

Women now buy lingerie for weddings, honeymoons, and foreign vacations. What is great about it is that Pakistan now produces lingerie of every type and women don’t have to look for good lingerie set outside of Pakistan and pay an expensive price. Following are some of the top lingerie brands for women in Pakistan.

1. IFG

IFG Brand Logo

IFG is one of the first brands to introduce women’s lingerie. They are specialized in making easy-to-wear lingerie sets for women. Although their designs are very eye-catching, they prioritize comfort first. They make night wears and lingerie in many different materials, designs, and sizes. They use silk, cotton, jersey, chiffon, etc. to make their lingerie pieces. The brand also uses fancy laces and frills to beautify the lingerie piece. They also make all kinds of bras, padded, non-padded, cotton bras, push-up bras, sports bras, and nursing bras. Their prices are very reasonable. IFG lingerie can be easily located in many stores of Pakistan in the women’s section. 

IFG Store Link:

2. Losha

Losha brand logo

Losha is a very famous lingerie brand in Pakistan. Its main focus is to produce many sizes of lingerie sets and undergarments so that every woman can find a perfect fit for herself. Their size range starts from 32A to 40J. This is the widest variety of sizes that only Losha offers in Pakistan. They also have a very unique variety of nightwear and lingerie. Their designs are mesmerizing and they use ultra-soft fabric and even women with sensitive skin can easily wear the Losha lingerie with no discomfort. Losha products are available in many women’s stores in Pakistan and they are also light on the pocket. 

Losha official store:

3. Victoria Secrets 

Victoria Secrets brand logo

The one lingerie brand name that every woman knows and loves is the Victoria Secrets lingerie brand. It is a US-based brand that is now famous all over the world. Their secret of fame is the fact that no matter what size and price you are looking for in lingerie wear, Victoria Secrets ensures to make it for you. It makes the women feel good in their own skin and at comfort. They make lingerie for all skin types and put extra effort into comfortable stuff without compromising the element of being sexy. Their lingerie pieces are one of the finest among all the other brands. Their vibrant and alluring color range makes it more appealing and worth buying. Victoria’s secrets have a variety of bras and panties available too. Their bras collection includes all sorts of bras like clip bras, padded bras, etc. They also master in making bikinis, sleepwear, and beachwear. Victoria Secrets products are available in nearly every lingerie store of Pakistan and online as well. 

Victoria Secrets Store Link:

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4. Mothercare Pakistan 

Mothercare logo

Mothercare is famous as a baby brand but surprisingly they also offer a range of products for moms. They are popular for making nursing bras for new moms to feed the baby easily without having the hassle of unclipping the regular bra all the time. They also make maternity clothes for pregnant women to feel relaxed and comfortable in their bodies. New moms and moms to be preferred to use Mothercare undergarments and other clothing to keep themselves cozy. 

Mothercare Store Link:

5. Miniso Pakistan 

Miniso Pakistan brand logo

Miniso is a Japanese brand that has items starting from makeup, households, women’s fashion, footwear, stationery, and much more. They also have products for women’s innerwear. They are famous for introducing silicon bras and silicone nipple covers for women. Their quality is great but sizes are limited. But it’s still a great pick for women to choose their bras and panties from at affordable prices. Their designs are simple yet unique and the material used is extremely soft and reusable. Miniso is now located in almost every city in Pakistan. 

Miniso Official Website:

6. Adidas

Adidas brand logo

Adidas is a famous Germany-based brand which is famous for its sportswear. They offer a wide variety of products in sport’s shoes for men and women and sports clothing. They also make very comfortable sports bras for women. Their sports bra collection is huge and women excelling in any kind of sports prefer Adidas bras. Their prices are expensive but their quality is great. 

Adidas Store Link:

7. Be Belle

Be Belle brand logo 

Be belle is the largest manufacturer of women’s lingerie and undergarments. The products that the brand produces included sleepwear, appealing lingerie, all kinds of bras, and panties that come in different shapes and sizes. Their lingerie wear includes long gowns, short frocks, thongs, corsets, body shapers, etc. Be Belle brand is budget-friendly and can be easily located in many women’s stores in Pakistan.

Be Belle: Website Link:

8. Negative Apparel

Negative Apparel brand logo

Negative Apparel is a new famous clothing brand for women. They also have a huge variety of women’s lingerie. Their lingerie pieces are purely western-inspired. The cuts and designs are extremely intriguing and the use of warm dark colors is so appealing that one cannot resist buying them. Negative apparel was initially just an online store. But recently it has opened its first outlet in Islamabad Pakistan. Their prices are very reasonable and they have numerous super attractive designs of lingerie. 

Negative Apparel Website Link

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