Top Brands for Kids Clothes in Pakistan

clothing brands for kids Pakistan

Pakistan has become one of the fast fashion growing countries that has launched many popular brands since the last decade bringing a new wave of fashion and style. People are becoming more and more brand conscious and brands are competitively producing an abundance of variety in order to sustain in the fashion race. 

Pakistan’s fashion industry is not exclusively working for men’s and women’s clothes, but now brands have started to make outfits for children as well. There was a time when children’s fashion was not of great emphasis, but in today’s world, children are equally participating in the way they want to be styled. This shift has also taken place because of the fact that children now require outfits daily to wear to schools that do not offer uniforms for kids until nursery grade. Also, seeing their elders, children have become more aware of the fashion sense and like to take control of their own decisions about what to wear. 

Brands for Kids Clothes

Brands are producing different kinds of kids’ clothing to meet everyone’s desires. From baby clothes to toddlers and children, from western to eastern, all kinds of kids wear is now easily available in the market in the name of different brands. Following is the list of some very popular brands that make kids wear outfits.

1. Pepperland

Pepperland logo

Pepperland’s stem brand is ‘’Beechtree’’ which is a women’s clothing brand. Pepperland is the most famous brand when it comes to kids’ shopping. Parents usually choose to buy from this brand because of the huge range of variety it offers for ages 3 – 14 years old. Whether for a boy or a girl, Pepperland is a one-stop shop for all kids.

Their specialty is the use of vibrant colors that reflects kid’s colorful personalities. They launch new arrivals every week with unique designs. You can find everything that a kid needs in their clothing like inners, socks, pants, frocks, shirts, shalwar kameez for both boys and girls and many other apparels. Their price range is very reasonable which also makes it their parent’s favorite. 

2. Hopscotch

Hopscotch logo

Hopscotch is another leading kid’s clothing brand in Pakistan. Their designs are super innovative and considered ‘’cool’’ for today’s generation. They have a variety of clothes that includes the section mini girl, mini boy, and toddler girls and boys.

They have accessories available to be paired with cute little outfits, like matching hairbands or bows, etc. They launch their new arrivals every month of every season. Their sale season is a steal deal and many parents rush to their stores to avail 50% and 70% flat discounts. 

3. Minnie Minors

Minnie Minors logo

Minnie Minors is one of the oldest kids clothing brands that was established in 1998. It is a store for infants and pre-teen clothing that make products for kids in two categories, one is the Minnie Minors (for age 0-10 years) and the second one is the Super Squad (for age 11-16 years).

The brand has maintained its name over the years and kept its customer’s loyalty with its excellent quality and designs. It is also very pocket-friendly which makes it the parent’s favorite pick for their children’s shopping. So many brands after Minnie Minors jumped in the rat race of winning but Minnie Minor never dropped its place in people’s hearts. 

4. Outfitters Junior 

Outfitters Junior logo

Outfitters is famous for its clothing line for adults. But recently they have also launched their kid’s section with the name of “Outfitters Junior’’. In a knick of time, outfitters junior gained the same attention as outfitters for adults. If you are a parent looking for chic clothes for your girls or hip variety for your little boys, outfitters is the brand you need to explore.

They make New York-style designs for the kids to walk with confidence. Their outfits are sparkly and funky. Outfitters junior offers affordable prices and they have a huge variety to pick from for every season. They have a number of outlets all over Pakistan. 

5. Breakout Kids 

Breakout Kids logo

Same as outfitters, Breakout was initially started as a brand for adult clothing and now is working on kids’ wear with the name ‘’Breakout Kids’’. The brand launches trendy and casual outfits for every occasion.

Their street style look makes the brand a favorite pick for parents and kids. Their price range is a bit higher than other kid’s brands but you can always keep an eye on the sale season and grab many pieces at a low price. The quality of clothing is excellent.

6. Khaadi Kids

Khaadi Kids brand logo

Western kid’s clothing is made by a majority of the brands in Pakistan but there are few brands that master making eastern clothes for kids. Khaadi kids are one of the very popular brands that have introduced eastern clothing for kids. Khaadi has its name for eastern men and women attires, but it has also won the hearts of many for its kidswear collection.

They launch very breezy shalwar kameez for both baby girls and baby boys. Their cloth material is perfect for summer heat, although they make equally good clothes for every season. As a country with a rich cultural heritage, Khaadi has marked its place to keep the culture alive in Pakistan.

7. Mothercare 

Mothercare logo

Mothercare is a brand specially designed for infants’ clothing. It is basically a British brand that has gained popularity in Pakistan and many other countries. Their newborn collection is the comfiest and soft, perfect for babies, coming in a huge range of varieties.

They have bodysuits, rompers, sleeper sets, two pieces dresses, frocks, innerwear, socks, and cute baby accessories. It’s the best pick for new moms who are looking for clothes that provide maximum comfort to their little ones. Mothercare has retail outlets in major cities of Pakistan, mostly located in malls. 

8. Next Kids 

Next Kids logo

Next kids launch the classiest outfits for the kids. Their clothes are unique and they never go out of style. Every season their new arrivals have some of the chosen pieces that are in line with today’s fashion. Their clothing is purely western with a number of classy accessories to be stapled with like hats, caps, little purses for girls, etc.

They launch thousands of products to choose from providing a huge range of variety. Their quality of clothes is unmatchable. Next kids is a little expensive but being a UK brand with great service, it’s worth the price. There are limited outlets of the Next brand located mostly in malls of different cities in Pakistan.

9. Little Darling By Zubaida’s 

Little Darling By Zubaida’s logo

Zubaida’s is a famous Pakistani brand that produces products for home décor, furniture, clothing, and baby care products. The brand is most popular because of its kid’s collection with the name ‘’Little Darling’’. It has become the go-to store for all moms and dads especially for shopping for their newborns.

Little Darling’s collection has all kinds of baby wear from mittens to rompers. Not only do they have clothes for babies, but they also have a collection of outfits for toddlers and kids up to 12 years of age. Their prices are reasonable and they have a number of stores located in major cities of Pakistan.

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