Latest Trends For Men’s Kurta Designs

Latest Trends For Men’s Kurta Designs

Why Kurtas are the best clothing for summer?

As summers are here and these months, we would say are the peak time when the heat is scorching and almost unbearable sometimes. Summer changes our clothing preferences and everyone prefers the clothes that would make them feel most comfortable and are light weighted.

Summer is hardest on the working men who have to go outside in the scorching heat every day and they would not want the tough weather to take away their tasteful and discerning looks and that is exactly why there are new trends introduced in the Fashion industry every season to step the fashion game up and don’t let the climate changes affect your wardrobe in a bad way.

This season is all about colors and softness and not only women can enjoy wearing bright and vivid hues, but men can also rock every color. There are the latest trends introduced every year bringing innovative ideas for men’s clothing.

Kurta Trends For Men

As the kurta is every Pakistani man’s go-to outfit and is the most everyone wears here as it is light and comfortable to wear in the scorching heat, we have done a little research for you bringing you the latest trends for Kurtas so that you can look dashing and rock you’re every summer look wearing kurta this year:

  1. White Self Print Kurta
  2. Beige Colored Kurta With Shalwar
  3. Bright-Colored Kurta With White Shalwar
  4. Asymmetrical Kurta
  5. Denim Kurtas With Jeans
  6. Plain Maroon Kurta
  7. All Black kurta
  8. Formal Royal Blue Kurta
  9. Half-Sleeved Kurta
  10. Fusion or Indo-Western Kurta
  11. Black and Silver Silk Fancy Kurta

White Self Print Kurta

The vibe an off-white or white self-printed Kurta has is unmatchable. The outfit depicts pure elegance and comfort and is perfect for the summer season.

It is a trend that never gets old and will give you a super elegant look always. As it is very rightly said that wearing white can make your gloomy days bright, it is what we all can agree.

White Self Print Kurta
Source: Corio

You can slay your everyday look in this, whether you are going to the office or to hang out with friends self-printed white kurta will make everyone admire your fashion sense and make you stand out everywhere.

Beige Colored Kurta With Shalwar

Some colors radiate a soothing and cool vibe and the beige color in summers is one of them. You can wear a beige-colored kurta and can pair it up with white shalwar or you can go with the beige shalwar too, it will look elegant in both ways.

Beige Colored Kurta With Shalwar
Source: Hopenotout

The minimal embroidery on the neckline can add some elegant and fancy touch to the outfit with the embroidered Patti on the front and the fine piping on the sleeves and the neckline. You can also go in pajamas instead of shalwar according to your preferences and comfort.

Whether you are getting ready for Jumma prayer or going out anywhere the outfit won’t disappoint you.

Bright-Colored Kurta With White Shalwar

The concept that bright colors are only for women and men can wear only a selective range of dull hues is finally vanished. Brands also are focusing on bringing a variety of vivid colors for men too.

Bright-Colored Kurtas With White Shalwar
Source: Hopenotout

The sunshine color to pink and blues, any color that makes you want to wear it can be the best pair with white pajamas or shalwar.

The plain and soft summer fabric with vivid hues will make your everyday summer look relaxing and super stylish.

Asymmetrical Kurta

Asymmetrical kurtas are distinctive from the regular kurtas with their slanting and draped hemlines.

Asymmetrical Kurtas for men-ImResizer
Source: Pinterest

You must have seen models on the runway wearing one of these with buttons on the panels and neckline and paired up with jeans or churidar pajamas, and must have admired the look.

You can try them if you haven’t already for a contemporary yet traditional look.

Denim Kurta With Jeans

Denim has always been the love of youth and, amazingly, you can rock your denim look even wearing the kurtas.

The rugged blue denim fabric can be stitched into a kurta with the center panel of buttons and a pocket, paired up with jeans making your everyday look classy and modern.

denim kurta with jeans-ImResizer
Source: Pinterest

With the Chinese collar and medium-length, denim kurtas give a very decent and modern look.

Plain Maroon Kurta

Plain kurtas made of the best quality and comfortable fabric have their charm in summers. Maroon is the color that suits everyone and gives a royal touch to your every look.

Plain Maroon Kurta-ImResizer
Source: Gul Ahmed

Maroon-colored Kurtas with the same-colored embroidery on the neckline and collar give your outfit a glamourous and decent touch. It goes very well with the same-colored pajamas and looks no less with white pajamas too.

So, if you don’t want your outfit to be that regular one and want something extra-ordinary and classic, go for this one.

All Black Kurta

The most prestigious and elegant color that gives you the best look and looks best on anyone, any day is black and it is never off the trend no matter what is the season.

all black kurta men
Pinterest: Fawad Wearing Black Kurta

There is no occasion where going all black can disappoint you. The black kurta with minimal embroidery on the neckline and sherwani collar with fine piping at the neckline and sleeves paired up with black shalwar will always make you look classy and dreamy.

When in doubt wear black because it never disappoints.

Formal Royal Blue Kurta

Royal blue Kurta has always been the lifesaver when it comes to class and looking effortlessly decent. The royal blue kurtas with white dull blue colored embroideries with sherwani collar and white shalwar, the match made in heaven.

Formal Royal Blue Kurta
Source: Junaid Jamshed

The instant glow up in your personality is what you feel while wearing it and it looks so modest and chic that it can take you anywhere with full class and elegance.

Half-Sleeved Kurta

This is something unusual and very cool. The half sleeves add more comfort and style to the Kurtas and it is super trendy for slim and tall body types making them look extraordinary escaping the regular day full-sleeved kurtas.

Half-Sleeved Kurtas
Source: ebay

It will go very well with churidar pajamas with any contrasting color going with your Kurta and a watch in your hand making you look like a gentleman.

Fusion or Indo-Western Kurta

The celebrity-inspired fusion kurta with western and desi combo will make everyone the fan of your fashion sense and you will surely make the crowd crazy effortlessly.

Fusion or Indo-Western Kurta
Source: minimag

You can go with pastel and solid colors with modern asymmetrical cuts giving your outfit a modern yet traditional look by pairing it with churidar pajamas.

Black and Silver Silk Fancy Kurta

For weddings and parties, this combo is what you will ever need to leave a long-lasting impression. The silk fabric has its fancy charm and is has a very eye-catching and royal look.

Black and Silver Silk Fancy Kurtas
Source: Pinterest

The soft feel of the silk fabric and the best combination of silver print on the black kurta will make you the center of attention and get you the limelight, and make you feel comfortable in what you are wearing and that’s all a perfect outfit should do.

Here was the list of the latest designs according to the trends in the fashion industry. Kurtas are our go-to outfit and keeping that in mind fashion brands always bring innovation in the style and are providing you with the best in terms of quality and fashion. With little creativity you can get your kurta stitched by yourself and these ideas will help you select the best for yourself and will take your fashion game up.

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