New Gown Style Dresses For Women 2024

New Gown Style Dresses For Women 2022

Fashion and women are the two most interconnected elements on Earth. Since its inception, the Pakistani fashion industry has been a statement; however, it has remarkably grown due to digitalization over the last couple of decades. The Pakistani designers are successfully fusing eastern and contemporary trends, producing using everyday and luxury wear items. Gowns are among the trendiest voguish, and currently, formers people have worn since ancient times.

Different fabrics make gowns according to people’s needs, comfort, and preferences. While ancient Kings and queens preferred silk and velvet, heavily embellished fabrics, people are now making gowns of the net, Chiffon, and surprisingly cotton and lawn.

For almost a decade, wedding gown and gown style dresses have been trending. While most fashion items keep on emerging and disappearing with the change in fashion trends, gown-style dresses keep evolving from one form to another. For this reason, each designer collection is incomplete without it.

wedding gown designs in Pakistan
Wedding gown styles by Maria B & Nomi Ansari

They use various embroidery, tilla work, Cross stitch, feather stitch phulkari, cutwork, applique, French knots, needlepoints, and different beadworks to adorn these dresses. Many designers are now using Swarovski crystals instead of local stones to enhance their designs.

Mashin Naveed Ranjha, Hassan Rehan, Maria B, HSY, Elan, Bunto Kazmi, Sheila chapter, and many other designer labels are currently producing one of the top-quality designs for wedding gowns. While these designers are costly, our retail market, such as trends and motifs and other options, fulfills the people’s fashion demands cost-effectively.

Here is our list of top gown-style dresses in Pakistan that can help you choose the right type of gown for your formal or semi-formal occasion.

Traditional long gowns with jumpsuits

The fusion of traditional long gowns with jumpsuits is the most contemporary trend in Pakistan. Currently, people adopt this style for formal, semi-formal, party wear, and casual wear.

Long gown with jumpsuit
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While jumpsuits are basic most of the time, the designers make gown jumpsuits according to the customer’s demand and the nature of the occasion.

long gown with black jumpsuit
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long gown traditional with jumpsuit
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However, some women like to keep it contemporary and avoid embellishments. Luckily, local designers and imported dresses are now readily available in the market to meet their demands.

Traditional open shirt gown with cigarette pants

A traditional long dress paired with a basic suit is another unique yet sophisticated trend to be followed to reflect one’s fashion sense in the social group. Using cigarette pants or Capri can elevate one’s look as well.

short gown with trouser
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Open gown with cigarette pants
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Short gown with trousers

Short dresses are also trending in Pakistan, whether you pair them with loose trousers or cigarette pants, and voila! There are countless ways to enjoy wearing these gowns in every season.

This year, black and some vibrant colored dress have been trending, ideal for the upcoming season.

short gown with trousers
short gown with trousers 2
trousers with short gown

Anarkali style gown

Anarkali dresses are Ankle-length gowns with maximum detailing at the borders. Women mostly adorn such dresses. However, our famous designers have successfully fused them with gown style and given rise to a new fashion regime in Pakistan.

long anarkali gown
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anarkali fashion gown
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Anarkali gown stlye
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Wide legs trousers, as well as narrow pants, look stunning with them. These gowns can be made short as well; however, the flair of these articles is kept broad to add charm to the dress.

They suit everyone at nearly every formal or semi-formal gathering, paired with suitable accessories.

Evening Gown For Party Wear

In the market are present excellent quality pure cotton gowns perfect for a night out or an evening party. Women and girls can style themselves in breathtaking beautiful gowns having a fusion of modern designs and traditional work.

party wear gown
partywear gown
gowns for partywear

Soft cotton fabric, rich texture, exquisite embroidery, and exemplary work are what every woman and girl dreams of wearing and looking elegant in an evening party, gathering, or event.

The combination of all these will make her look elegant and chic.

Wedding gown Fusion

Wedding gowns are the most remarkable genre of the gown in the Pakistani fashion industry. These gowns are custom-made according to the clients’ requirements and are heavily embroidery, embellished, and decorated with Pakistani luxury wear detailing. Pakistani designers are working hard to offer something unique in their collections through these gowns.

Source: Zuriador
Source: Zuriador
Source: Zuriador

The most popular wedding wear trend is a long gown with a slit at the front and a frown as inner wear for the brides. Also, some young girls prefer to wear lehengas under these gowns, which add a thoughtful touch to their wedding photoshoots.

Pakistan’s booming fashion industry has the correct elements and trends to carter your fashion choices no matter your choice.

Gown style abaya

Gown style abaya is a relatively new form of gown currently trending in Pakistan. While many Muslim women in different parts of the world wear abayas, the Gown style of the abaya is fresh and unique.

gown style abaya
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abaya style gown
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abaya style gown 1
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Fusion of modes wears with contemporary wear. With the addition of chic cuts, modern stitching, and pastel tones, abayas are the new norm of modest formal wear.

All these were a few examples of the most trendy gowns of 2022. these are simple to design, comfortable to wear, and easy to carry. By incorporating such ideas, one can look elegant and graceful simultaneously.
Here is our list of most anticipated gown styles in Pakistan this year. Which type do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section.

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