Best Winter Coats and Jackets For Women/Ladies

Best Women' Winter Coats and Jackets to Wear

Planning a foreign trip or moving out? Or going on a vacation to one of your friends? One never gets enough of choosing the best of the stuff along, be it as small as a pair of socks or earrings. 

With a gazillion things to pack while brainstorming about what places to visit, what to eat or even scheduling an iteration, we tend to make a keen focus over our dresses, pants, overcoats, jackets, pull overs and what not.

We become quite picky when it comes to choosing what and what not to wear, our subconscious mind plays a role in that. We may choose to spend a few bucks while hovering around making regular trips to the mall to just eye on our favorite dresses or basking on some photons lazing around working our way out through online shopping

Well, It has been quite some time since I’ve thought of travelling abroad. If you ask me about my favourite weather I’d specifically choose, I’d say it would always be winters. I personally feel that winters in every other country brings a sense of warmth within.

The colors of autumn makes it all way too dreamy, vibrant and vivid. Those colors seem to mesmerize and inspire me to such an extent, that I tend to find those contrasts in everything I wear. 

About recently, I had gathered some amount of free time on my hands to surf about the most trendy and in fashion Jackets and coats I could possibly be wearing on my trip. 

I wouldn’t mind telling you that I’ve planned to travel to Turkey this winter season. The winters in Turkey are quite harsh ranging from a temperature of about -13C to 24C depending on the climatic zone with varying extent of coldness with either snow, rain or plain dry cold. 

So let’s delve into some of the very eye-catching and trendy coats and jackets I found to the best of my likings and I made them sit nicely in the closet.

Trench Coat that makes you look British

trench coat british look

So this Trench Coat is something that’ll Basically make you look like one of the Britishers. 

This one has been my first ever purchase that I still adore every time my eyes catch a glimpse of it. This will either make you look incredibly British like Alexa Chung or basically royal like Meghan Markle, both of which make every piece of clothing worthwhile.

The ever so cool Denim Jacket that makes you aww Instantly 

ever cool denim jacket

What inspires me in denim is that they look effortlessly cool with anything you wear, be it a tank top or a knee length skirt, these just pair up very gracefully and I love the feel of it.

These have been around forever and don’t seem to be unmatched. I would rather suggest opting for a darker wash if you already have a lighter denim favorite. I tend to usually pair them up with slim fit jeans.

Who says no to a Leopard Coat? 

leoperd coat

There has been a time in my teenage years, that my closet would seem to overboard with leopard prints in every manner one could think of.

Animal prints never die and every time you’d wear it, you’d feel this energy and confidence within. Afterall, fashion is for those who exactly know how to carry it.

Just a furry muffler around your neck or a hat and you’re going good for the day/night.

The Faux Fur Fluffy Coat

furr coat

The Faux Fur Fluffy Coat That’s Basically a Blanket as in the literal sense, a blanket.

As favourite as the cold weather itself, this piece of literal fluff makes me look ten folds prettier and classy. It’s something you’d want to wear in public, or a casual date. For me, there is nothing like ‘too much fur’.

The Duster Coat That Makes You Look Caught Up 


This piece is just too perfect to wear throughout the year due to the fact that it doesn’t seem to be carrying a lot of weight.

One can tend to wear it for very formal meetings or searching a random café down the street. This jacket has been my go to attire.

The Loud Statement I Am Quite Proud Of Buying

Well, whenever I am running late to work, I always choose this coat over my dress. This goes along really nicely with my jewelry and the nature of nude makeup that I like. This coat makes me look casual yet formal.

The Bomber Jacket That’ll Basically Make You an Off-Duty Model 

gigi and bella hadid

These look really good when I pair them up with latex jeans or a slim fit jeans. They’re unisex in nature, so they seem to fit and look very cool over a small top or a casual T-Shirt.

The Leather Jacket That Can Make You Feel Nothing Less Than A Celebrity 

Kate moss wearing a Coach leather jacket

The only major in this leather jacket is that it makes you look cooler than a good oversized denim jacket. But, harsh as it may sound, denims would always be one of my favourites

The Very Much Underrated Rain Jacket

Rain jacket

Rain jackets are without a doubt the most essential jacket of all seasons, because there is no other coat you could wear in rain but a rain coat.

Whether heavy downpours or showers, this piece of clothing saves you a whole lot better. For the longest time raincoats have got a bad reputation for being anything but cute, but in fashion trends have made it look better than before. 

The Puffer Coat My Mom Never Likes Me Wearing

The Puffer Coat My Mom Never Likes Me Wearing

Like rain coats, puffer coats have a pretty bad reputation. And maybe because of that my mom never lets me wear it. I suggest one should wear it when the temperature drops below 70.

Basically puffer coats tend to make me remember my childhood memories when I used hate these. Well, they now sit proudly in my closet so you can say that I’ve started to like them.

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