Front-Load or Top-Load Washing Machine, Which One Should You Get?

Front-Load or Top-Load Washing Machine, Which One Should You Get?

When you are investing a good amount of money buying anything you have a right to have the best. Like any other appliance, the market is full of options when it comes to buying a washing machine. Buying a washing machine some years back was not so confusing as the top-load machines were the only option to buy.

But now that technology has advanced and we have front-loader machines in the market, people often can’t decide which one to buy. Every manufacturer of electric appliances is making both the latest technology front-load and top-loader washing machines and it makes it difficult to choose.

So, if you are looking for a washing machine and are confused between front load and top load, we have done detailed research and given you an analysis of the characteristics of both so that you can select according to your preferences the best one that suits your household.

Now here is the list of certain characteristics and we will be telling you which machine does it better.

Better Cleaning

Talking about the cleaning and stain removal characteristics according to our research and many surveys, Front-loader machines do the cleaning better.

Many surveys are done and most of them voted for front-loaders as the better cleaners. The cleaning action is done by mechanical, thermal, and chemical actions in the machine.

The front-loaders have a tumbling motion that activates gravitational action and clothes are cleaned by knocking against other clothes and against the particles of detergents too.

But the cleaning action will amaze you only if it is done properly and the machine is operated properly with the right amount of detergent and the good detergent, also choosing the right cycles on the machine.

If you put any detergent which you think is cheap and within budget or select the wrong cycle on the machine, the efficiency of the machine would be compromised. Otherwise, front-loaders are better cleaners than top-loaders.

Saving Water

Front-loaders are good at saving water as compared to top-loaders as they use fewer than 5 gallons of water per cycle which is much less than a top-loader.

Front-loaders save water because they need clothes to be in a shallow pool of water and they can clean the clothes in it efficiently.

On the other hand top-loaders require a deep pool of water to rinse the clothes and this is the huge difference in their operating method and more requirement of water than front-loaders.

Easy loading and unloading and adding clothes mid cycle

When it comes to handling top-loaders suits most people. Loading and unloading clothes in a front loader can be difficult for some people as you have to bend again and again.

Also adding clothes midway through the cycle is mostly possible easily in top-loaders.

So if you are using a front-loader and you forgot to put a sock in it you can’t just throw it in mid cycle, you have to pause the washing process or wait for the cycle to complete.

Handling of overload

If you have to do laundry for the whole week and you just want it to finish early and want to wash more loads in fewer cycles, in front-loader this is not advisable and will wash the machine out.

The bearings in the front-loaders, that spin the drum, are not able to bear extra pressure and wear out if we overload the machine. On the other hand, top-loaders are better at handling overload.

Top-loaders also have the bearings but are more capable of tolerating the pressure and even if they are worn out they can be replaced easily and are cheaper.

Mildew problems

When we use the front-loader machine we have to be more careful as they require the right amount of detergent, right detergent, and the right amount of fabric softeners if you are using them.

The wrong amount of any of these will cause molds to grow on your clothes. Also, after the wash, if the drum remains wet and you close it without drying it causes the mildew to grow.

Contrary to this top-loaders don’t have such issues because they are open to the environment and evaporate easily and we don’t have to put effort into keeping them dry.

Fabric Care

One of the most important characteristics you should research before buying a washing machine. If the machine is expensive and doesn’t even ensure the fabric care it is useless.

Front-loaders are very suitable for delicate fabrics too and treat them gently allowing great care of your fabric.

Top-loaders, on the other hand, are sometimes harsh to the clothes and when you compare them with front loaders they all are comparatively harsher on the clothes.

Saving resources

Front-loaders not only use less water but also less detergent and less electricity too. According to a survey, using a front-loader can save a significant amount of electricity as compared to a top-loader.

The energy-saving characteristic of the front loader is due to its operating method. The front loader has faster spin cycles and draws water out of the clothes quickly and efficiently which means there is less time spent in the spinner and hence less electricity used.


Front-loaders give you the option of stacking the dryer and washing machine over each other, this saves the floor space.

So, if you want it easy to use and also have less floor space the stacking option is only available in front-loaders while top-loaders are side by side. Stacking the machines requires them to match and a bracket mounting kit to stack them safely.

Stacking has only one disadvantage: if one of them needs to get repaired you have to separate them which may cause further damage so you have to be more careful.

So, here was the analysis of the characteristics of both machines and you will be able to choose according to your household and your preferences. Front-loaders are more efficient but just need you to be more careful in handling them while top-loaders don’t require much maintenance.

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