Latest Sherwani Designs For Men in 2023

Latest Sherwani Designs For Men in 2022

Weddings are all about fun, food, and traditional eye-catching outfits. Where women go for shimmering lehengas, maxis, and sarees, sherwani makes the best option for men clothing because they are extraordinary and something traditional and classy giving a different look from the routine.

Why Sherwani is the best option for men at weddings?

The traditional look sherwanis give at weddings is something that pant shirts and kurtas cannot give. The importance of wearing a classy and elegant Sherwani that make you look elite and stand out in the whole crowd increase when you are the groom yourself.

We can’t deny that the groom has to look the best, wearing something that people will remember always and leaving the impression on everyone looking outclass on the most special day of their life.

12 Best Sherwani designs for men

For this, you have to select carefully according to your style preferences and what suit your body type. Whether you are the groom or his brother or friend and planning to rock the wedding in sherwani, we are here with some latest and trendy sherwani ideas for you making sure you look no less the show stopper and star of the evening.

  1. Tranquil Off -white sherwani
  2. The exquisite gold
  3. The Champagne Pink
  4. Black velvet sherwani
  5. Floral Sherwani
  6. Mughal Sherwani
  7. Side Buttoned Sherwani
  8. Heavily gold embroidered sherwani
  9. Patterned Sherwanis
  10. Classic plain white Sherwani
  11. Indo Western Sherwanis
  12. Off-white on dark pink

Tranquil Off -white sherwani

The aristocratic and grand look off-white sherwani gives you is unbeatable. The dignified and graceful off-white sherwani is all you will ever want to achieve a subtle and decent look on your big day or any wedding you are attending.

Tranquil Off -white sherwani

The off-white sherwani with silver and off-white embroidery and tilla work on it looks contemporary and gives exceptional look. Pair your sherwani up with churidar pajamas and your dreamy look is achieved which will leave everyone in awe.

The exquisite gold

For achieving a captivating look on the wedding day, the exquisite gold-colored sherwani will always be the first choice. The intricately embroidered gold Zardosi embroidery gives the outfit a rich and flamboyant look. Gold is the color that suits everyone and you don’t need to hesitate while wearing it because it looks vibrant and decent at the same e time.

The exquisite gold
The exquisite gold

Pair it up with a dupatta if you want with contrasting color giving your outfit the royal look. You can also go with a patterned red shawl giving the outfit a magnificent look. Any way you decide to wear it, the gold embroidered sherwani looks good with any combination and you will surely leave an impression on everyone.

The Champagne Pink

The champagne pink is a color that is decent and refreshing and contrasting it with brown will never make you regret your decision. The champagne pink sherwani with intricate and delicate embroideries all over the sherwani paired up with a light brown shawl is everything you need to wear if you want to look charming and cool.

The Champagne Pink
The Champagne Pink sherwani

The dull and light brown color goes very well with the champagne pink and the shawl and light brown pocket square will enhance the look. Also, you wear a contrasting beaded necklace and loafers with contrasting embroidery to magnify the look.

Black velvet sherwani

Black is said to be the queen of colors that makes everything more dignified and modern. If you love black you should not hesitate to wear splendid black and if there is winter season black velvet sherwani is the first option you should consider.

Black velvet sherwani
Source: Ismail Farid
Stylish Black Velvet Sherwani Suit

Black sherwani with heavy embroidery on the shoulders and minimal embroidery all over will give you the tremendous look you want. Pair your sherwani up with red or maroon shawls and the contrasting loafers and here is the perfect look for the day.

Floral Sherwani

You can just dump the classical and typical choices and go for the floral sherwanis for the big day. You can go for light-toned and pastel-colored sherwanis with bright and vivid flowers printed on them.

Floral Sherwani
Source: Studiobytcs
Floral Sherwani pakistan

The floral embroidered sherwanis are fun to wear and give you a refreshing and atypical look making everyone adore the dashing choice. You can pair up your sherwani with printed or plain contrasting churidar pajamas and you are good to go.

Side Buttoned Sherwani

Go for something different from the usual and opt for a side button sherwani if you don’t want a casual and ordinary look. Side buttoned sherwanis look graceful and distinct.

Side Buttoned Sherwani
Side Buttoned Sherwani pakistan

Any color you want like rose, red, gold, off-white, or any other, get it stitched in silk or any fabric you like with the button panel on the side and enhance your look. For extra charm go for turban ornaments and necklaces and chains coordinating with the bride to glam your look up.

Mughal Sherwani

Going for Mughal sherwanis means going for something extraordinary, royal, and majestic. Mughals are known for aristocracy and eminence and this is what Mughal outfits depict.

Mughal Sherwani
Mughal Sherwani in Karandi

Adding Mughal embroidery or motifs on the panels of your sherwani will add richness and grandeur to your look. This is something nobody can ignore and will surely praise your fashion statement.

Heavily gold embroidered sherwani

There is no problem in going for the heavily embroidered sherwani that will give you a kingly feel on the big day. The gold Zardosi work on lightly-toned sherwani looks glorious and grand.

Heavily gold embroidered sherwani Deepak Perwani
Heavily gold embroidered sherwani

The necklace is a must-have for this outfit to complete the look you want to achieve and increase the royalty of the outfit making you look no less than a king.

Patterned Sherwanis

From the multi-colored sherwanis with line patterns all over the sherwani, peach sherwani with parallel patterns adorned with gold buttons, light-colored sherwani with leaf patterns all over to the gold sherwani with flower booti prints, there is a wide range of patterned sherwani designs for you to choose.

Beautifully patterned cream silk sherwani

The straight pattern lines leave the impression by making you look taller and broader adding grace to your personality.

Classic plain white Sherwani

If you want to keep it simple sticking to the roots and giving a classic and decent look, the plain white sherwani is for you. The elegance the plain white sherwani has is surely unmatchable.

Classic plain white Sherwani Amir Adnan
Source: Amir Adnan
Classic plain white Sherwani White Jamawar
Source: Amir Adnan

Get you plain white sherwani stitched in premium silk fabric and it will take you back to the Nizam era of grandiosity. Go for contrasting light-colored pocket squares and white loafers achieving the perfect look.

Indo Western Sherwanis

For the modern grooms who love traditional clothes but want to give the contemporary touch to their sherwanis, Indo western sherwanis are life savers and everything the modern men want.

Indo Western Sherwanis
Indo Western Sherwanis blue

The traditional embroideries with modern cuts and designs make a perfect contemporary sherwani for the grooms of today. You can wear this on an asymmetrical kurta enhancing your look and can go with a shalwar, or pajama anything you are comfortable in and you will look different dumping the casual designs for your big day.

Off-white on dark pink

The mesmerizing contrast of off-white booti prints on dark pink sherwani is something no one can ignore. The off-white booti prints all over the sherwani make it look lovely and appealing.

Pink and Off White Mens Sherwani Manish Rawat

You can pair it up with a light pink shawl and wear a pear necklace and surely you will look no less than a king rocking the wedding attire.

These were some of the designs for the sherwanis we have shortlisted for you so you don’t have to take the stress of finding the latest and trendy designs by yourself.  Wear something you feel relaxed and confident in, and go for the fittings that make you feel comfortable. Choose embellishments according to the events, if it is grand, you can fully decorate your outfit and should keep it minimal if the function is small. Happy wedding season…

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