Best Mehndi Dresses For Men In Pakistan

Best Mehndi Dresses For Men In Pakistan

When it comes to the selection of the best colors for a Mehndi dress, it comes down to your choice as a whole. Whether you want to opt for a solid color dress, a dress with a beautiful fusion or a classic black dress since it is quite the trend in the recent era, you have ample choices to make and what’s better than being something out of the ordinary since it’s your Mehndi.

Mehndi functions are meant to be a whole lot of fun because it is like singing and dancing to the core, so people tend to look out for comfortable options and easy to go colors if by any chance the dress seems to be overburdened with mehndi stains be it for men or women.

Since the guests and the groom mostly wears deep colors like yellow, mustard, green, orange and maroon. Very few people opt for lighter colors considering the amount of messy the event gets by the night, So it is quite a safer option to look for bright toned shalwar kameez.

Among the three necessary wedding functions of any marriage ceremony in Pakistan, Mehndi is the first and the most enjoyed event. Some bridal fashion trends have been constant over the years and are timeless, but a majority of them continue to change as time passes. Every year, comes a  new trending silhouette or color combination that grooms tend to favor.

So let’s take a look at some of the ways men design their mehndi outfits yet being classy and dapper while aiming to carry the look as effortlessly as ever.

The best combination for boys are

  • Kurta Pajama and waistcoat 
  • Shalwar kameez and waistcoat
  • Sherwani suit style

Kurta Pajama and waistcoat

Kurtas Pajamas and waistcoats are quite the trend at Mehndi ceremony. Red, white, green, brown, blue, and black kurtas with highly contrasted waistcoats look more appalling.

Source: Deepka Parwani

It looks graceful and decent  appearance wise. Shiny dresses and Sherwanis are also in fashion on Mehndi occasions.


Kurta Pajama/Shalwar paired up with waistcoats is considered as the best mehndi dress for men in 2022. It is the most trending fashion style among the boys since quite some years.

Mens Pant Coat And Waistcoat Collection

You can surely opt for this look if you’re wishing to show your western side. If liked, a yellow dupatta is often chosen for men when mehndi attires are talked about.

In the modern times with emerging trends, pant coat gets the hype and the popularity amongst the younger generation.

Mehndi pant coat
pant coat for mehndi

So a shift towards the dressing style has come across as a wow factor. Pant coat style on Mehndi gives a gentle look to the groom.

It gives them a different style statement for the night that makes their personality stand out. The groom looks more professional and efficient in this dress.

It’s easy to say that the risk factor with wearing a pant suit to your own Mehndi is nothing less than being in a war zone with ample ways your dress could easily be ruined. Many people go for practical options otherwise since it’s easy to maintain and carry.

Sherwani Suit Style for Mehndi 

The second priority for men is always sherwani as a mehndi dress. Men who prefer to look more gentle and dignified at their wedding tend to wear sherwani, Since it provides them with a royal look. 

wedding sherwani design for mehndi
Mens sherwani by nameera by farouq

Sherwani can be worn on other wedding events like Barat. There are numerous collections of sherwani for men in different colors and stuff. Simple and embroidery sherwanis are available with different brands like Amir Adnan, HSY, Junaid Jamshed, Deepak Parwani, Nomi Ansari, Fahad Hussayn, Almirah, and Humayun Alamgir.

All these styles have been trending alot recently. Grooms have a lot more to discover for their wedding festivities. Brides also tend to have an unlimited array of  collection for their dressing styles. The most fascinating looks with well to do personalities and real charmers can pull this off real good.

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