Top Undergarments Brands in Pakistan

Top Undergarments Brands in Pakistan

In the past, undergarments shopping for men and women wasn’t an easy task in Pakistan. Years back, when there were fewer varieties and options for normal clothing, buying high-quality and comfortable undergarments was difficult.

Ladies used to think of local markets as the only option to buy lingerie and men also had very less options and found it difficult to get what they exactly wanted. Most of the lady’s undergarment stores were owned by males, so shopping for undergarments was considered a very uncomfortable thing to do.

As time passed and the fashion industry evolved in Pakistan, many brands noticed the importance and need to produce high-quality and comfortable undergarments. The styles and designs of undergarments have also been evolved, in past years there were basic designs made with unbreathable fabric, now there are thousands of options made with the most comfortable fabric. 

Hundreds of types of bras and underwear options are now available in the market be it padded bras, pushup bras, t-shirt bras, and many more, you can choose what you want very easily.

If you are looking for top brands producing the best undergarments for you, you are at the right place. Here is the list of top undergarment brands in Pakistan.

1. Miniso Pakistan

The Japanese brand Miniso has a separate fan base in Pakistan. Providing cute and handy stuff to the clothing Miniso does it all. It provides budget-friendly and best-quality stuff. They have a separate section for clothing and sports where you can find everything from a simple shirt bra to a sports bra or men’s boxers.

Miniso Pakistan Women
Miniso Pakistan Men

Miniso has made shopping very easy and comfortable for women. You can visit their physical stores, choose what you want, and then try it out to decide whether it fits you or not. Miniso has a store in nearly every main market across Pakistan, so it is easily accessible also.

2. Jockey

For men’s undergarments Jockey is the first name we think of. Jockey has roots from the 1800s and is still leading the market. Jockey is credited for inventing the classic Y-front brief which was an innovation in the underwear style game and is still dominating the market.

Jockey women
Jockey men

Jockey has several physical stores in Pakistan. It is providing soft and super quality underwear for men. So, if you are looking for any kind of trendy underwear not compromising the quality at all, Jockey is the first brand to visit. 

3. Women’s Secrete

Women’s Secrete is another international brand having 650 stores in 61 countries across the world. Women’s secrete specializes in women’s apparel and understands very well what the women of today’s generation need. These outlets have everything from clothing to undergarments under one roof.

Women’s Secrete

They have a huge variety from everyday bralettes or t-shirt bras to strapless bras. Also, you can find body shapers and every kind of innerwear you can think of. What makes them exclusive from other brands is that they have the things that other brands don’t have, such as the bras for women who have undergone breast surgeries, post surgeries bras, etc. 

4. Next

Next is a clothing brand that everyone must have listened of. While stocking their stores with all types of clothing they didn’t neglect the need for innerwear and had a separate section covering all the undergarments for men and women.

Next women
Next men

From modern to classic, beach-style bras to comfy bras, Next can provide you with everything you ever wanted. They are providing a wide range of mesh bras, multiway bras, sports bras, strapless bras, etc. Also, they have a wide range of best quality, super trendy, and ultra-comfortable underwear for men and women.

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5. Losha

Losha provides the best quality innerwear with a wide range of sizes. They have a size range from 32A to 40J which is the widest range and no other brand is providing it. Losha has a wide range of variety as well and has unique and trendy designs. The fabric used is ultra-soft and even women with sensitive skin can wear it comfortably.

Losha women

Losha is providing a wide range of sizes and designs keeping comfort their priority as well and all this comes at very reasonable prices. They provide sports bras, nursing bras, padded or non-padded bras, and everything you want and is very light on the pocket as well. They also provide underwear for women which are super comfy and are specifically designed to make them feel comfortable covering most of the area.

6. Adidas

Adidas is known as a sporting brand and is known worldwide for providing the best quality products. Adidas also has a section for undergarments related to sports. They have classified it into three categories. 

  • Light support: It is designed for light workouts and yoga etc. 
  • Medium support: It is for the activities like training and cycling. 
  • High support: For activities like running and cross-training etc.
Adidas women
Adidas men

These categories make it easy to choose what you need and what exactly fits you perfectly. The bras they have are simple with a logo of Adidas, the mesh bras are very popular among women these days.

Adidas provides a wide range of men’s athletic underwear as well. They are most comfortable to walk in and very soft to touch. They are sweat-wicking and moisture-wicking fabric which is also very soft to wear. 

7. Nike

Nike is a name everyone is well aware of. Nike exist since 1954 and no one can think of any sports clothing without Nikes’ logo being on it. Most people think that Nike is just producing sports shoes and gear but it produces everything related to sports even the undergarments also. 

Nike men
Nike women

At Nike stores you can easily choose what you need whether you are going swimming or yoga, you can find the best-fitted undergarments here. They produce a wide range of bras from padded to strapless bras everything you want is here. They also produce a wide range of underwear for both men and women that will make you feel comfortable whether you are wearing it at the gym doing a workout or yoga.

8. Be Belle

They are the largest brand producing women’s undergarments in Pakistan. All kinds of bras and panties came in different sizes and shapes so every woman can get the perfect fit for herself. They also have the best quality body shapers.

Be Belle

The best thing about them is that they are budget-friendly, and provide you the best without being heavy on your pocket. They are located in most of the women’s stores in Pakistan.

9. Uniworth

Uniworth is a leading men’s apparel brand, that specializes in providing men with clothing along with all the accessories men need. Along with formal clothing, they also produce high-quality undergarments for men.

Uniworth men

These boxers are always in demand among Pakistani men, as they are of the best quality and long-lasting. The fabric used is soft to touch and feels very comfortable. So, if you are male and looking for the best innerwear for yourself Uniworth should be your priority.

10. IFG

IFG is the brand that knows what Pakistani women want. They understand the unique need of Pakistani women and design the products keeping that in mind. It is the very first brand to introduce a variety of high-quality bras and stylish lingerie in Pakistan.

IFG women undergarments

Being a Pakistani brand, they have a large number of physical stores, having a store in almost every main market across the country they allow every woman to visit the nearest store and get professionally fitted and buy whatever they think is best for their body type.

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