Best T-Shirts Brands For Women in Pakistan

Best T-Shirts Brands For Women in Pakistan

Think of the most comfortable form of clothing, especially in summers when comfort is the priority a cute tee with denim is everyone’s go-to outfit.

They make you feel comfortable and look ravishing and fresh at the same time. Wherever you are going, a cool tee paired with the right pair of jeans can take you fashionably. In Pakistan fashion industry has been revolutionized in the past few years, years back there was a time when the t-shirt was just a man’s thing or was supposed to be worn while sporting but as the fashion industry modernized ladies’ tees are very much in demand.

Going to hang out with friends or to university just pull out any tee and pair it up with the right pair of jeans and sneakers and you don’t have to be worried about your look anymore. Pakistani brands understand the needs and demands of Pakistani youth and design the t-shirts accordingly.

Be it a plain tee or t-shirt with cheesy or attitude slogans or a t-shirt with graphics or embroidery on them, you can find a whole variety of t-shirts according to your moods and personality.


Mango is a Spanish brand and is gaining popularity among Pakistani youth rapidly and has gained huge success in the past decade. Mango is a trend maker when it comes to clothing for contemporary women of Pakistan.

V-back T-shirt
V-back T-shirt by Mango

Although they have clothing lines for men and kids also they specialize in women’s apparel. Their T-shirt collection will make you amazed and you will surely want to have them all. Plain t-shirts from nude and basic colors made up of 100% cotton and sustainable and environment-friendly fabric are so much in demand.

Women's day t-shirt
Women’s day t-shirt by Mango

The color combinations are never too loud or gaudy but are always a treat to the eyes. Every girl’s wardrobe needs to have a decent and cool tee from mango so, wait no more and grab something exciting and fun to wear.


Looking for a cool trendy and fun t-shirt to wear that will lift your mood and make you feel happy you don’t have to go anywhere else, Outfitters has the best collection of tees for ladies.

Relax Fit Basic Tee with Drop Shoulders
Relax Fit Basic Tee with Drop Shoulders by Outfitters

Established in 2003, Outfitters is one of the most loved brands in Pakistan because it provides quality and fashion at very reasonable prices. Hanging out with friends, the dexter graphic t-shirt will make you look outclass or going to meet your, boss? the basic pink tee will make your look appropriate.

Relax Fit Washed-Out Tee
Relax Fit Washed-Out Tee by Outfitters

A large number of articles and uncountable options to choose from, make shopping more fun and exciting. So, ant t-shirt you are looking for, they will give you better than you have imagined.


Cougar has been the fashion companion of Pakistani ladies for a very long time now. They understand their target audience very well and design their clothes accordingly.

Wildflower Pink Graphic T-Shirt
Wildflower Pink Graphic T-Shirt by Cougar

The amazing balance between fashion and comfort makes them the best. Their T-shirts are classy, representing the modern women of Pakistan. The fabric is soft and durable so you won’t regret spending your money on them.

Purple CGR Embroidered T-Shirt
Purple CGR Embroidered T-Shirt by Cougar

Their T-shirts are suitable for daily wear as well with their breezy fabric and colors that are appealing to the eyes. So, if you want to have some decent tees for your wardrobe Cougar won’t disappoint you with its quality and designs.


Next’s quality and designs speak for themselves and are one of the most trustworthy brands to go to. The UK-based fashion house is a ladies’ favorite place and has everything you will ever want. They are one of the most popular brands producing T-shirts for women.

Curved Hem T-Shirt
Curved Hem T-Shirt by Next

Their t-shirt comes in a wide range of sizes and colors. They have oversize to body fit tees that will give you a smart and super cool casual look. One shirt comes in many colors, which I think makes shopping more fun. Do you like the stuff and quality but not the color?

Broderie Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Broderie Short Sleeve T-Shirt by Next

No problem they have lot more colors in that shirt so you can get exactly what suits your body and mood. When you want some chic t-shirt stuff for your wardrobe to lift your style game, Next will do that brilliantly for you.

Beone Shop

Beone shop is heaven for our fun-loving outgoing and modern ladies. They say that they represent the modern and classy women of Pakistan and that’s true One is all about class and quality.

Foiled Tee Black
Foiled Tee Black by beone shop

When it comes to ladies’ t-shirts they are manufacturing the most durable and top-quality tees according to the latest trends. Their t-shirts have it all from soft to vibrant, plain to graphic every shirt is here. The t-shirts have a variety of designs like the ones with crew necks some are camisole while some are just oversized and give you a chic look.

Camo Tee Camo
Camo Tee Camo beone shop

One produces t-shirts according to the latest happenings too, recently they produced cool tees featuring Peshawar Zalmi so that you support your favorite team wearing the brand we all love. They have the best sales for up to 50% now and then so you can buy these at very budget-friendly prices.


Mantra is known for selling and designing signature fashion. They established in Pakistan in 2003 since then they are the quality product makers and now they have the trust of their customers. They know what modern-day women need and have the best and most trendy choices for them when it comes to t-shirts too.


Be it a buckle tee or chain neck tee every piece they have is designed keeping in mind the needs and demands of contemporary women of this era. They believe that the most important thing to focus on is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing and look gorgeous as well so they don’t compromise comfort and looks both.

Buckle Tee
Buckle Tee by mantra

They provide super quality and well-fitted t-shirts for women of every size and shape, not just the standard sizes. So, Mantra deserves your one visit if you are looking for something unique and I am sure you won’t regret it for a millisecond.

These are the brand’s ladies in Pakistan trust and are providing them with the best for a very long time now. Finding a decent and nice tee according to your personality, mood and event may be quite a task to do but these brands will make your shopping experience fun and you will love their collections making you want to have every piece they have at the store.

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