Bareeze Winter Collection 2022

Bareeze Winter Collection 2022

Bareeze is a high-end clothing brand operating in Pakistan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Bareeze has always been the favorite of the ladies who have extravagant tastes.

The embroidered designs Bareeze has is the trendsetter in the fashion industry. Bareeze has set the bar so high that no brand can reach the level of extravagancy Bareeze has. Bareeze is a luxury clothing brand offering premium quality fabric and embroideries for decades.

Bareeze has just launched its most awaited winter collection and Bareeze has once again made it up to the customer’s expectations. The Bareeze has an extensive range variety for every woman of every age.

We have done all the analysis of what Bareeze is offering you this season so you could know what should you buy.


The causal collection is designed keeping in mind the Pakistani weather and women’s demands for their daily wear. The casual and light embroidered suits for women are designed for them to feel comfortable and look stylish daily.


Source: Bareeze

COLOR SPLASH – PKR 16,325.00


FLORAL SPLASH-2 – PKR 14,525.00


Whether you are going out for a grocery errand or your job or some guests are visiting you the casual collection is a perfect choice. The delicate and light embroideries giving relaxed vibes are specially designed for Pakistani women.       

The prints are radiating soft energy and are appealing to the eyes. The suits are light-colored yet very colorful and alluring. The casuals are perfect for your everyday look. The elegance and graceful vibe the suits have is unmatchable.


No one can do formals better than Bareeze, and when it comes to winter formals they are the leaders. The extensive and intricate embroideries all over the suits, on the warm colorful fabric, is what they do the best.

The organza, cotton net, and silk dupattas with neatly embroidered borders are what make Bareeze special. This formal unstitched collection is the perfect choice for the winter festivities.

ROSA BAGH – PKR 40,320.00


RESHAM GHAR – PKR 29,365.00


GUL MAHAR – PKR 37,850.00


You can buy any piece from the suit or full suit depending on your likeness and get it stitched by yourself. The royal embroideries and the range of colors the formal collection has is everything that we ever want.

These are perfect for gatherings in winter where you want to keep yourself warm and comfortable without compromising on comfort. So, go check out what the high-end formal unstitched collection of your favorite brand has for you.


The prints collection is the dream come true for fashion lovers who love to wear prints. Embroideries are not what everyone is looking for and Bareeze understands the needs of Pakistani women.

orange Khaddar printed
Khaddar printed skin
Khaddar Printed

For the young girls and elderly too, the prints have the most casual yet alluring and classic printed suits. Prints are something that can take you anywhere with a relaxed feel. The unique color selection of Bareeze is worth praising.

The floral prints with the soft and light color combination are tempting and will make you want to have every piece. Bareeze has a wide range of colors to select providing variety so that people with different tastes can have what they want. These tempting prints are the winter must-have.


One of the other specialties of Bareeze is its expertise in shawls. The hand-embroidered shawls Bareeze has no match.

Bareeze has the credit of keeping the tradition of hand embroidery alive. The form of art that is dying, Bareeze is keeping it alive and it is loved not only in Pakistan but all over the world.


The neatly hand embroidered shawls with unique colors and the extensive work all over them on warm fabric are everything we can ever ask for. The shawls give an elegant and decent look.

You can carry them on pain suits and they will give a graceful look effortlessly and will keep you warm and comfortable. From fancy embroidered shawls for weddings the lightly embroidered ones for carrying casually, Bareeze has a wide range of options for you.


Bareeze bottoms collection has the most stylish pants and trousers for you to match with your shirts and buy them separately.

PRINTED bottoms white

This collection allows you to buy matching bottoms from a wide range of printed and embroidered collections of bottoms. The bottoms are also available in both stitched and unstitched forms.

Freedom of buying any piece

For the convenience of the customers, Bareeze always offers the option of buying any piece from the suit separately if you don’t want to get the full suit. This is something that very few brands offer.

This makes it easy for the customer to shop staying within the budget and only getting what they want.  You can even buy the embroidered front of the shirt or dupatta or the trousers only. Bareeze has always been making shopping fun and more convenient for customers.

Bareeze Men

Bareeze not only offers high-end clothing for women but they also are the best man of luxury men’s fabric manufacturer.

Spray embroidered

The spray embroidered collection is uniquely designed for a casual look. The spray embroidered collection has light embroidered patches all over the fabric. This gives the elegant look and makes it perfect for an everyday outfit.

Full embroidered

The fancy look in a very elegant manner these fully embroidered suits give to men is worth praising.

Hand-made Khaddar

Bareeze has been supporting the local talent and business by providing them with the work keeping the traditional art alive. The hand-made khaddar is the most comfortable and soft fabric which keeps you warm even on the coldest days.


Boski is one of the most demanded fabrics by Pakistani men and Bareeze has the best variety in the boski fabric for men.

Bareeze has continued the tradition of providing its customer with nothing less than the best. The collection is breathtaking and worth all the money you spend on it. The prints and embroideries are timeless and the fabric is durable. So, if you are looking for the best stuff to stock your winter wardrobe with, Bareeze will fulfill your demands surely. Do visit them online and their physical store to enter the world of colors and style.

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