20 Amazing 80’s Fashion Trends And Outfit Ideas For Women

20 Amazing 80's Fashion Trends And Outfit Ideas For Women

Back in the 1980’s, fashion was considered as THE STYLE STATEMENT with respect to societal ranks whatsoever, be it fashion among the elite or the middle class, everyone had their own ways to showcase as to what financial background they were related to.

As a matter of fact, that very fashion era seems to be rising again amidst the recent years. There are two very important things that repeat themselves no matter what  generation we belong to, while one is History, the other one obviously seems to be fashion.

We belong to the generation Z, that by no means loses a chance to bring back the old style statement that was once locked into big pandora boxes that never got the chance to steal the show.

In order to relive some of the old designs and fashion styles, I’ve managed to bring together the whole lot of it. So let’s take a dig into it.

1. 80s Rock Fashion

If you’re transitioning yourself to the 80s, the easiest way would be getting that hair permed or maybe tightly curled.

80s Rock Fashion
80s Rock Fashion jeans

Why not? Pairing up the perm with some bold colors and knee length warmers over your pants matches pretty much well.

2. 80s Style LBD

Black dresses have been quite a trend for a very long time. Adding over a blazer, jacket or coat was the main trend in that era.

80s Style LBD

No wonder, that it’s coming back to the game recently. If one wishes to continue the theme, they can wear it with colored pants or latex skinnies.

3. Florals And Neon Colors

Neons are a big no for me till date. We would think multiple times before trying out something this eye striking and vibrant.

Florals And Neon Colors blue and green
Florals And Neon Colors

Back in the 80’s, every sort of fashion was considered as correct and admissible. People were less judgemental of your outfits and more about how fancy it would look.

As per the current fashion, we would only see such colors and prints on a ramp show despite it being in  someone’s closet unless you’re a fashionista or a blogger.

4. 80s Workout Fashion

Workouts back then were simple yet energizing, so were the outfits.

80s workout fashion

People considered wearing comfortable jersey tops and skin tight leggings that would perfectly suit them.

80s workout fashion women

Oversized flashy T-shirts and running shorts were a common trend. 

5. Pleated Trousers

Pleated Trousers aren’t just jeans but they can be high waisted cotton/rugged pants too.

High Waist Pleated Trousers

These were too famous in the era. Once paired with a crop top, they look absolutely dapper.

6. Printed Blouse

If you’re thinking of wearing something semi-formal, structured outfits, printed blouses, and shoulder-padded blazers were the main fashion that many elite women used to wear in parties and congregational events.

Printed Blouse

7. High Waisted Denims


High-waisted denim, skirt or trousers seemed to be the fashion mantra of the 80s. Fully tucked in shirts used to be normal within the day wear too.

High Waisted Denims

8. 80s Fashion Accessories

Women always give their A game whenever accessories are talked about.

80s Fashion Accessories Madonna

Wearing big hoops, chokers, tail length earrings, leather bracelets were always in fashion no matter what one would be wearing, not to forget the pearl necklaces of course. 

9. Blazer With Shoulder Pads

If you’re opting for formal attire, a floral blazer with shoulder pads, is the one you need if the event is an 80s theme.

Blazer With Shoulder Pads

10. Striped Pants And Ankle Boots

I remember my mom showing me pictures of her teenage years when striped pants and big boots were a thing.

Striped Pants And Ankle Boots Ruth Noemi
Striped Pants And Ankle Boots

Fashion trends never die, they just refine with time and era, so did the striped pants..

11. Members Only Jacket And Bandana

Bomber  jackets were meant to be worn under the influence of an elite gathering. This very category of fashion trend was mostly seen under the category of luxury items back then.

Members Only Jacket And Bandana

Pairing these with high waisted baggy jeans or dark toned denim would look utterly cool and afresh. 

12. Polka Dots Dress And Waist Belt

Back in the 80’s, as we’ve seen in the movies too, Polka dot dresses whether eastern or Western were also a sort of fashion. That time people did not know much of the digital prints, yet being highly selective and specific with the choice of fabric and design.

Polka Dots Dress And Waist Belt

These prints were more of the retro days. Such prints were paired with skin tight leggings and waist belts with a decent pearl necklace to finish off the look.

Polka Dots Dress And Waist Belt red

As a matter of fact, people used to pair up anything with all sorts of colors. So being in the aesthetic zone yet contrasted wasn’t really thought upon.

13. Denim Jacket

Whether you’re from the gen Z or the 80’s era, denim was meant to be the king of all sorts of fashion. Well, this proves that denim would forever be young as ever.

Denim Jacket
Denim Jacket women

The denim might have seen a few iterations to keep up with the trends, but it has and always will be a core aesthetic trend.

14. Vintage Long Skirt

For women of the current era, we believe that the less we carry, the better we enhance the true essence of the fashion. But that wasn’t the case back then.

Vintage Long Skirt 1980

Women from the 80s had no such urge to  be vibrant and  minimalistic as much as we do. Party outfits meant a denim skirt with a colorful crop top or a vintage skirt with equally flashy/Neon pointed footwear.

Vintage Long Skirt maxi skirt

15. Sequined Jumpsuit For Parties

Jumpsuits and overalls are without a doubt, my personal favorites.

Sequined Jumpsuit For Parties embellished
Sequined Jumpsuit For Parties silver

Many of the designers, mainly French, have continued to bring about a hint of the 80’s fashion in their wardrobe which can easily be seen worn by the celebrities in movie premieres and theater plays.

16. Knee High Socks

I’ve personally hated knee length socks all my life. The memory of it is so vivid, it somehow makes me cringe.

Knee High Socks 80s
Knee High Socks

I used to find this fashion to be an utter disappointment. If you are trying to bring in a retro element, pair up with a  bold colored dress and maybe some flashy jewelry that would be just fine. 

17. Leopard Print Fashion

Most people find it tricky to style animal prints,  as they are timeless. Designers tried playing around a lot with these prints on handbags, shoes, dresses, and scarves.

Leopard Print Fashion 80s fashion

Leopard print and snake print are especially so 80s. I’ve seen many celebrities too wearing cheetah prints in short dresses and mufflers and it absolutely looks super chic.

18. Overalls

Overalls are one of the easiest ways to transform an outfit into a retro style because they were a major hit back then and nearly everyone would be seen wearing the same fashion.


You can wear them with an off-shoulder top or a bold high-neck T-shirt if you feel like being a little extra than the normal or if it’s a themed party.

19. High Waisted Skirts And Ruffle Top

Ruffled crop tops were the 80s version of off-shoulders. Pairing with a high-waisted skirt was another discerning choice that time around.

High Waisted Skirts And Ruffle Top

Ruffle tops look super good with tightly toned denim along with pointed heels. Till date, you’d see many of the Western celebrities bringing in super retro style in aa gen Z way. 

20. Oversized T-Shirts And Denim

Most of us practically live in these, don’t we? But they aren’t anything new of the sort and definitely not a millennial thing.

Oversized T-Shirts And Denim 80s
Oversized T-Shirts And Denim

Wearing oversized T-shirts and tucking them in denims was a huge part of punk rock culture back in the day.

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