Latest Azadi Sales on Brands in Pakistan

Latest Azadi Sales on Brands in Pakistan

We have entered August and Independence Day is almost here. Every year on Independence Day, most brands offer sales so you can celebrate Independence Day in full swing.

We wait for this sale season because this is the high time to refresh the wardrobes and buy favorite stuff at discounted prices. Nothing excites a fashion lover more than buying anything he wants without prices being a problem. So, if you are one of those who are waiting for the sale season to arrive, it is here.

We are enlisting all the brands having a sale on them and how much discount they are offering on what items. So, after reading this article you would know where you have to go straight for the shopping. 

Ittehad Azadi Sale – Up to 70% off

The sale Ittehad is offering this season is the talk of the hour and every fashion lover should know about it. Ittehad has been known for the premium quality lawn and has been our favorite for a very long.

Ittehad Azadi Sale - Up to 70% off

The sale of up to 75% off is what Ittehad is offering us this season. Their premium and designer collections have 45% off on them, the ready-to-wear collection has a flat 40% off and the unstitched collection has up to 75% discount on it.

Collections on sale

Season’s Azadi sale is live, and you should avail this as soon as possible. 

Cross Stitch – Up to 50% Off

Cross Stitch is one of the finest retail brands in Pakistan. They have evolved and revived the Cross Stitch technique and now taken it to limitless.

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch has the most amazing designs ladies die for. And now this season, Cross Stitch is offering an Azadi Sale of up to 50%. The unstitched collection has up to 25% off on it.

Cross Stitch Sale collection

The ready-to-wear collection, menswear, and footwear are also having stunning discounts on them. Must visit their stores online and in-stores to have this amazing shopping experience. 

Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi is celebrating independence with the campaign ‘ Satrangi ka Pakistan’ offering an extraordinary discount of up to 60%.

Bonanza Satrangi Azadi Sale

Bonanza Satrangi is offering great discounts on both stitched and unstitched women’s clothes and, stitched and unstitched menswear. They have discounts on their world-class fragrances and cosmetics too.

Bonanza Satrangi Azadi Sale collection

So, when you visit the store, they have made sure that you get everything you can ask for at prices that are not heavy on your pocket at all.

Khaadi Sale

Khaadi is one of the top clothing brands in Pakistan and has never disappointed the customers in terms of quality and the value of money. When it comes to sales and discounts, Khaadi has never let the customers down here too. Khaadi is having an amazing sale of up to 50% off on various collections.

Khaadi Sale Collection

The unstitched collection has off-on 2-piece, 3-piece, and 1-piece shirts both embroidered and printed having super amazing discounts of up to 50% off. The ready-to-wear collection, western collection, Khaadi home, and accessories are also available at discounted prices. 

Nishat Linen

As the sale season is going on and we are bombarded with sales at almost every brand, Nishat Linen knows how to stand out.

Nishat linen has the freedom week going on. You can have everything you want and like at a discount of up to 50% and this discount is on a wide range of items. 

Nishat Linen Sale Collection

The Nishat HOME LINEN section is having great discounts and it is the opportunity to avail yourself right now giving your home a luxurious touch. Also, you can have the unstitched suits, breathable fabric, and Pret collection on sale too. 


LimeLight has always been our favorite for the amazing prices it offers and for the premium quality too.

When LimeLight is offering the sale we know that we are going to have the amazing stuff at the prices no other brand offers. The brand is having up to a 40% discount on all the unstitched, stitched, and western sections.

Limelight Sale Collection

The decent embroidered and printed one-piece shirts LimeLight has is something all girls love and now they are available at discounted prices of up to 50% off. 


Bareeze is the brand that is the first choice of fashion lovers when it comes to luxurious embroideries.

Bareeze is known for the super fine and delicate embroidered stuff that is something no one wants to miss. For the festive seasons, Bareeze is the first choice, because Bareeze has both fashion and comfort games.

Bareeze Sale Collection

On one hand, where everyone wants to have Bareeze outfits, the price can be an issue for the people. Bareeze is having stunning discounts this season. Go and check out the sale on their amazing stuff.

Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed is one of the leaders of Pakistani fashion brands and the sale it offers is unmatchable.

This Azadi season Gul Ahmed is offering the greatest sale of the season with up to 70% off. Everything you need to level your fashion game up is here, at incredible prices.

Gul Ahmed Sale Collection

Gul Ahmed is having discounts on men’s wear, both eastern and western, women stitched and unstitched suits both embroidered and printed, bags, shoes, bedsheets, and much more. So, wait no more and visit the stores now. 


If you are looking for something stylish for men and tired of all the brands having only women wear, visit Charcoal right now.

It is the one-stop shop for everything you will want. Charcoal has the men’s flash sale going on.

Charcoal Sale collection

Men can buy anything from coats to jackets, jeans, shirts, kurta, shalwar kameez, suiting, waistcoats, pant coats, and much more under one roof at discounted prices of up to 50% off. 

This is the time to do your seasonal shopping at great discounts. Don’t miss the opportunity and visit your nearest malls and the brand’s outlets or you can just visit them online and get your outfit delivered to your doorsteps.

Online links to avail sale at the above mentioned brands:

BrandSale Link
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Cross Stitch Azadi SaleGo to Sale Page
Bonanza Satrangi Azadi SaleGo to Sale Page
Khaadi Azadi SaleGo to Sale Page
Limelight Azadi SaleGo to Sale Page
Nishat Linen Azadi SaleGo to Sale Page
Bareeze Azadi SaleGo to Sale Page
Gul Ahmed Azadi SaleGo to Sale Page
Charcoal Azadi SaleGo to Sale Page

And when the prices are this low, there is no chance of letting go of this opportunity. We hope you will have the best shopping experience with all these sales and this article will guide you about where you should go first.

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