10 Modern Abaya Designs to Wear in 2023-2024

10 Modern Abaya Designs to Wear in 2022-2023

Are you one of those people who gets sick of wearing the same old Abaya over and over again?

Well, if it’s a big yes, then stop scratching your heads and look no further because we’ve got you covered.

We understand looking for some modern abaya designs is as difficult as finding the value of x in mathematics. But After all these years, designers have finally presented various abaya designs to add a style to your look. 

So it’s time to sit back on your couch and relax because we have created a one-stop solution for all your problems.

So girls, read this article till the end and check out the top 10 Modern Abaya Designs to Wear in 2023-2024, and we bet you this 5 min read will be worth your time. So let’s get started.

10. Floral Pattern Abaya

Let’s start our top 10 abaya designs list with this floral pattern abaya. So if you want a bright and simple look, this floral pattern abaya is just made for you because the floral design will remain a fashion trend from 2023-2024.

Floral Pattern Abaya light green
Source: Bazar Al Haya

Well, when we say the word floral, it means classic prints and elegant beadwork that makes your appearance more stunning and makes you a show-stopper. 

So whether you’re going on a brunch date or a regular outing, this floral Abaya will make your day comfortable and memorable.

Floral Pattern Abaya
Source: Modanisa

Not only that, but these floral abayas are so comfortable that you can wear them around the house to beat the heat or as a nightgown. Well, It’s more accurate to say it’s a complete package for someone looking for an abaya for various occasions.

9. The Turkish Lace Abaya

Are you worried about what to wear at your annual dinner party? If that’s the case, congratulations, this Turkish lace abaya is just here for your rescue.

The Turkish Lace Abaya
Source: Alfirdaws

So when it comes to designing the ultimate ethnic outfit, this Turkish lace abaya will never let you down. 

Remember, whether it’s an informal or professional occasion, this versatile lacework abaya has the energy to enhance a simple outfit into a fashion trend. And you know, The best part about this Turkish lace abaya is that you don’t have to stick to only pastel colors.

The Turkish Lace Abaya black
Source: SMC Merch

This means you can choose a vibrant variety of colors with a simple lace on arms for a stunning look at your special occasion. Isn’t that cool, girls?

8. The Elegant Embroidered Abaya

Well, it’s true that the classy touch of embroidery on Abaya can work wonders for you. And yes, we really mean it, girls; an embroidered abaya works as a miracle for you.

The Elegant Embroidered Abaya
Source: My Abaya

Whether you pick a solid color tone or a contrast between the Abaya and the embroidered work, it will be the ideal style that adds a touch of glam and uniqueness. 

Moreover, an embroidered abaya can be utilized in both ways. So girls, if you want to give yourself a casual look, go for one with a bright embroidered work to add a touch of traditional look.

Elegant Abaya with Floral Pattern Machine Embroidery
Source: Hanayen

But if you are planning a formal meeting with your colleagues, then wear an abaya with less embroidered work to give yourself a flawless affair of charm and beauty.

7. Abaya With A Kaftan Style

This trendy Abaya ranks number seven in the top 10 list of stylish abayas in 2023-2024. Ah, we know you all have been wondering what’s so special about this Abaya, right? So let us tell you why we choose this kaftan abaya over others.

Abaya With A Kaftan Style pakistan
Source: Covered Bliss

So as the year has begun with some bleak cold weather, choosing a kaftan-style abaya is a smart choice. 

Furthermore, you can achieve the year’s most fashionable look by combining smooth fabric stitching and heavy drapes with a bright color palette.

Abaya With A Kaftan Style
Source: Aarefa Abayas

But keep one thing in mind: dark colors in kaftan-style abayas, such as royal blue, dark brown, or bluish-gray, will draw everyone’s attention rapidly.

6. Moroccan Abaya

Are you looking for a comfortable abaya that also becomes your go-to look daily? If it’s a big yes, then this Moroccan Abaya is just for you.

Moroccan Abaya Hood Beige
Source: Arabesque Abayas

It is a win-win type abaya that allows you to be comfortable while also being fashionable. 

This Moroccan Abaya is a loose-fitting long abaya that comes up with a belt. So hey, all girls out there, it’s time to add this elegant and attractive addition of Abaya to your wardrobe.

Moroccan Abaya dubai

However, you can complete your look with an appealing hijab that you can find on online sites to have a complete combo outfit that finalizes your style to a fine-palatial look.

5. Alya Abaya

Do loose and open abayas make you feel safe and comfy? If yes, alya Abaya is a good choice because this long-sleeved Abaya with a winged opening style is so stretchy that it fits all body sizes. 

Alya Abaya sitting on chair
Source: Naqqsh

Moreover, this alya Abaya is a dual-layer sleeve abaya that has a glamorous look and is very classy to wear.

Alya Abaya jet black
Source: Naqqsh

So, whether you’re going to a formal meeting or a casual dinner, this Alya Abaya will elevate your look and make you feel like a true fashion icon.

4. Coat Style Abaya

And yes, the award for the best Abaya of the year goes to this coat-style Abaya. This front-opening Abaya with buttons available in various colors is best to wear on any occasion.

Coat Style Abaya brown

Moreover, it is also named versatile Abaya because you can wear it to formal gatherings, conferences, school, campus, and academy. 

In Fact, many women and girls consider this a convenient look to dress up when stepping out in public.

Coat Style Abaya Turkish

So, if you want an abaya that meets all of your needs, go with a coat-style look and set the stage on fire.

3. The Moonstone Abaya

So hey, all feminists, where are you? Ah, see what we got for you. So this moonstone abaya is recognized as a symbol of light and hope and an encouragement to support new beginnings.

Moonstone Abaya
Source: The Hijab Company

It is closely related to feminine themes such as fertility, stability, softness, and intuition. So if we look at its design, this Moonstone Abaya has a loose fit and a collared neckline.

Moonstone Abaya Black

Moreover, the slight combo of pendant work done in the sequence of the branch line gives it an artistic look. So yes, This simple yet elegant Abaya gives you flawless elegance.

2. Velvet Abaya

It can sometimes be challenging to dress up abayas in modest yet stylish ways. Buying a velvet abaya, on the other hand, saves the day because it can be worn over a loose-fitting dress to maintain modesty while also covering the body glamorously.

Velvet Stitched Abaya

So if you are looking for a perfect abaya to wear at your friend’s wedding, there is no better option than a velvet abaya. 

The velvet abaya adds elegance to the overall look, making it suitable for events, special occasions, and everyday office wear.

Velvet Abaya Dubai

Moreover, A vibrant velvet abaya worn over an outfit brings a whole new look, transforming a drab look into a classy one. So what are you waiting for, huh? Get yours before it runs out of fashion.

1. Denim Abaya

The wait is finally over, and it’s time to reveal the most famous abaya design for 2023-2024. So, if you enjoy ruling every gathering with your killer stylish abayas, denim abayas are made for you.

Denim Flared Abaya

Denim, a well-known fashion fabric, has now made a strong appearance in abaya fashion. 

Denim Abaya

These trendy new Denim abayas are the most fashionable way to wear a traditional abaya. So, girls, are you ready to rock every party in your new denim abaya looks?

Wrapping up

So, now that we’ve listed the top 10 Modern Abaya Designs to Wear in 2023-2024, it’s time to find an elegant and modest abaya that will make you look beautiful at every event. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite design and order your perfect Abaya today before it’s too late.

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