Best Sanitary Pads Brands in Pakistan in 2023

Best Sanitary Pads Brands in Pakistan in 2023

Sanitary pads have an important role in protecting women from leakage and making them feel comfortable during the days of menstruation. Sanitary pads are necessary to help women maintain proper hygiene during the days of menstruation.

They help to keep the area clean and absorb the blood protecting women from bacterial growth and infection in the vaginal area. Decades ago women couldn’t move freely during the menstruation period but Sanitary pads give them the confidence to get through the day. The trend of sanitary pads was not so common decades back and still in some areas of Pakistan girls have no access to sanitary pads and they are using clothes.

But now, many good sanitary pad brands are providing the best absorption with no leakage and good coverage at the best prices. If you are looking for the best pad brand for you, these are some brands that are providing women with everything they deserve in the sanitary pad they use. 

  1. Always
  2. Molped
  3. Sincere
  4. Butterfly
  5. Embrace 
  6. Mothercare


always sanitary brand

Always has earned a reputation that it is most probably the first name that comes to our minds when talking about sanitary pads. Always is known for making a huge variety of pads giving us a lot of options to choose from according to your lifestyle, activity level and menstrual flow.

The huge range of pads including thick and thin pads, with wings or without wings, different sizes and coverage of the area provides the women to select what suits them. Always make sure that the pads are irritation free and are soft on the skin while being highly absorbent.

No doubt it is one of the most selling sanitary pad brands in Pakistan. They have done a lot of good work for underprivileged girls who can’t afford sanitary pads by providing them with free access to the pads and educating them on the importance of sanitary pads. 


molped sanitary pads

Molped is a Turkish brand gaining popularity in Pakistan due to its innovative designs and the best quality material that is soft on the skin and highly absorbent.

The pads are leak-free with an advanced leakproof system that locks the moisture and make you feel comfortable and confident for hours. The pads are soft on the skin and are flexible. The flexibility allows them to move with your body and doesn’t even feel to be there.

They are skin-friendly and don’t cause any reaction on the skin even if you have sensitive skin. The Molped offers Odour control so you feel fresh and clean all the time with their odour-neutralizing technique. They come in a lot of options so you can choose according to your needs and preferences. 


sincere sanitary pads

Sincere is also a popular brand among Pakistani women in 2023. The brand is affordable and ensures quality. The best quality a sanitary pad can have is breathability.

Sincere has the best breathable sanitary pads that allow the air to pass through thus causing a fresh and cool effect. Sincere ensures maximum comfort being easy on the skin reducing the risk of irritation. They have maximum absorbance and you don’t have to worry about any leakage for hours.

It allows maximum movability and gives you the confidence to move around freely without the fear of staining your clothes. Sincere is trusted by women in Pakistan and the reasons are obvious. 


butterfly inspired by you

Named after the butterfly shape of the sanitary pads, Butterfly is never a bad option to choose. The brand has unique butterfly-shaped sanitary pads with wings that enhance the absorptive area and gives maximum coverage.

The butterfly is known for their eco-friendly pads that are made of material that is chemical free and is sustainable and biodegradable. They don’t compromise on comfort as well with the material that is gentle on the skin and makes you feel dry for hours.

The butterfly shape with wings increases the coverage and reduces the chances of leakage. 


embrace logo

Embrace is a name that is new in the sanitary pad industry but it is being well-received due to the quality. They are designed to provide women with the best experience of protection during the extra menstrual flow.

Be it the first or second day of menstruation when the blood flow is maximum or the last days you don’t have to worry about the leakage. Everyone has a different blood flow rate and the need for sanitary pads differ from person to person, Embrace makes sure that they have something appropriate for every woman.

When your pad takes care of you in menstruation you have the confidence to rock the world without worrying about any dysfunction of your pad, and Embrace gives you that confidence. 


mothercare brand

Mothercare is one of the most trusted brands among women in Pakistan. The range and variety they have for every woman is unmatchable. List the characteristics of a good sanitary pad and you will find everything from good absorbance to the perfect length and flow in these pads.

The pads are long enough to give you coverage that will lock the flow inside no matter how much it is. The pads that are 100% cotton will surely be the best choice when it comes to comfort and Mothercare is offering you that.

The premium quality material is not only soft on the skin and breathable but also ensures the leakage-control and odour control by the latest techniques. Mothercare will never disappoint you either will quality or with comfort.

Choosing an appropriate sanitary pad is a crucial decision. An inappropriate sanitary pad can ruin your day and can cause hygiene problems leading to infections. Whereas a good sanitary pad not only makes you feel fresh and comfortable but gives you the confidence to get through your day without worrying about staining. These are some brands that are known for their quality and can be trusted when it comes to protection and maintaining hygiene. Not every pad is suitable for everyone, you have to select according to your blood flow and skin type and you can do it only by trying out many and selecting the one that fits you perfectly.

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