10 Indian Labels for Outfits this Summer

10 Indian Labels for Outfits this Summer

The extreme weather we face in the subcontinent calls for clothes that don’t feel to be there on your body. The soft and breezy outfits are what we need to survive the sunny days.

Summer dresses need to be breezy, comfortable, soft and stylish. The fashion game is something we can’t compromise on as well. Be it regular Kurta or chic western wear, we can’t compromise on style and comfort.

If you are looking for the best labels for outfits in summer, we have sorted it all for you. There are Indian brands that are winning the market with innovative fashion mixing tradition and modernism so well that they are becoming everyone’s favorite. For summer wear your homegrown brands are there for you providing you with exactly what you want.

So, this season we choose the brands that won’t be as heavy on your pocket as the international brands but the quality will be no less than theirs. Here is the list of Indian labels, that are producing the summer wear we all demand:



The premium quality fabric weaved by our people in Rural India, then shaping it into the outfit of everyone’s dreams is what Fabindia does for you.

The sustainable fashion and the fabric that is as soft as cotton is a never miss. Seasonal wears are their speciality and are providing men, women and kids with the best quality fabric and unmatchable chic prints and cuts.

Choosing Fabindia for your summer outfits can never go wrong. From empowering rural India to bringing style and innovation to fashion lovers, Fabindia is mastering the art of fashion since 1960. 


postfold logo

If you are looking for something contemporary, chic and classy to rock your everyday summer look, Postfold is for you. The brand has mastered western wear with an emphasis on detailing and the exceptional quality of fabric.

The soft colours radiate a calm vibe and will freshen up your mood making you feel comfortable being light on you and will make you stand out in your circle with impeccable fashion sense. 


nicobar logo

Nicobar is another option to ace the everyday summer look. The brand is inspired by nature and brings nature into its prints.

Nature is colourful, subtle and refreshing, and so are their prints and designs. They are designed to make you feel fresh and breezy on the summer days when nothing feels good.

Nicobar gives you innovative fashion and fresh prints on the canvas of fabric that is premium and durable so your money spent on the articles is worth it. 


fabnest logo

Fabnest is the brand that has something for you always staying within your budget. The brand is providing India with world-class fashion while considering affordability.

Unlike many other brands that will rip your pocket off, Fabindia is always budget-friendly. The amazingly refreshing prints for summer in the widest range of sizes from XS to 6XL make it one of the top 10 labels to buy your summer outfits from.

Urban Suburban

Urban Suburban

As the name suggests the brand has everything from urban fashion to Indian wear. The versatile fashion they have is something like fresh air.

The outfits are trendy and designs are inspired by global trends making sure that the Indian women get to make the trendy fashion statement.

Your everyday outfit problem won’t be bothering you once you are shopping from Urban Suburban. The brand has the long breezy frocks to the tops and jeans everything in line for you. 



Ilamra is a contemporary wear brand for modern India. The brand believes in producing timeless pieces for their customers that are classy and unique.

The locally sourced cotton is turned into a stylish outfit for you. The designs are impeccable and once you visit them, there is no way that you won’t find anything for you.

Ilamra is celebrating slow and timeless fashion, producing articles that help you make fashion statements every day. 

Gulabo By Abudeep

Gulabo By Abudeep

Here is something for you to kill your traditional looks in. Mulmul is the fabric we all know is perfect for the summer.

The softness and the comfort Mulmul provides you being the lightest on your body is something no other fabric can. The traditional look is given to the fabric with gota embellishments on it.

The festive look Gulabo By Abudeep offers you in summer wear is unmatchable. The delicately adorned Mulmul fabric is something you should go for your festive celebration in summer.



As the name tells us, Mulmul is the brand bringing us the softest fabric with traditional cuts. You must have seen actresses acing the casual airport looks in white Mulmul Kurtas.

The traditional soft fashion Mulmul is providing is super comfortable and elegant. Going out to do everyday errands or hosting a dinner, Mulmul has the traditional looks for you that are easy you carry ad make you look ethereal and effortlessly gorgeous. 

Dusk Attire

Dusk Attire

Dust Attire is another brand making its way to the best ones for summer outfits. The brand also celebrates contemporary fashion and is bringing chic dresses for you to look queenly every day.

They know that comfort is something you can never compromise and they balance fashion with comfort perfectly. The flowy dresses they have s something perfect for summer. The variety and versatility won’t disappoint you ever.

House of Mayah

House of Mayah is another reliable brand for modern India. The outfits are designed for the confident contemporary women who love to style themselves every day.

The frocks with straps, to flowy dresses, co-ords and tops, House of Mayah is your true fashion companion. Do visit them for articles that will help you make a remarkable statement. 

So, this was our listing of the Indian homegrown brands that are doing so well in the fashion industry and you should choose them this season. Cheers to the sustainable fashion and the versatile and contemporary looks that make you feel confident. This season, celebrate fashion and level your style game up with these brands.

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