Zunuj – The Best High-tagged Eid Collection 2022

Best High-tagged Eid Collection 2022

I believe there are quite few luxury clothing brands in Pakistan that gives you a run for your bucks. As many brands is using run of the mill designs and texture.

However, Zunuj is one such brand that provides quality and uniqueness along with different textures and colour theories.

Zunuj logo

You can get different varieties of clothing from them, from their Luxury lawn collection to plain printed suits with chiffon dupattas.

The brand is basically a combination of both sorts of culture; the western and eastern. The brand is targeted towards Upper middle class to Elite class. Even though, it is on the pricier side, the quality of their clothing speak for itself. Zunuj Eid Collection is a class apart with soft cool colours that works amazingly with the summer, monsoon season that this Eid will fall into.

Not just their Eid Collection but the entire brand is amazing with its lawn collection that just saw the market with beautiful prints and embroidery work. I think you will get the idea of dresses with the given dresses below that are made of chiffon and beautiful embroidered work on it as well.

The brand believes in enjoying Eid with pure elegance. The luxury fusion of essence, formal, and casual ensembles in Zunuj Eid collection are all lavishly made. This Eid collection is quite valuable and significant for all of you due to the colour scheme and current patterns.

Zunn Whimsicals 2022 Collection

Zunn Whimsicals 2022 Black and White
Source: Zunuj
Zunn Whimsicals 2022 peacock
Source: Zunuj
Zunn Whimsicals 2022 Crystal white
Source: Zunuj

Zunn UNS Collection

Zunn UNS Y01
Source: Zunuj
Zunn UNS B04
Source: Zunuj
Zunn UNS P03
Source: Zunuj


Antique Scrolls
Source: Zunuj
Bridal Black forest
Source: Zunuj
Canary Spark
Source: Zunuj

What we love about them is their subtle embroidery that is just perfect for any day or night events. The Zunuj Eid collection is being offered in stores and online. With a price ranges from 6,940 to 19,500. This Eid, the Zunuj eid collection is the perfect if you want to stay current with fashion.

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