Warda Summer Collection 2022

Warda Summer Collection

Summer season is here and so is the fever of lawn ad shopping in ladies as the winter outfits are packed and midseason outfits won’t help in this scorching heat which is making March feel like June already. Ladies need to renew their wardrobe with some very cool latest lawn collections, it is high time for shopping because every brand has launched their summer collection.

Talking about lawn and lawn brands Warda has its name and place in the market. Warda is the ladies’ favorite and favorite for a reason. They have been specializing in quality and premium designs for quite some time now. Warda makes you feel good in breezy and fresh outfits and this is all we want for the summer fashion, comfort, freshness, and fashion, this is how we describe Warda.

As the season started Warda also launched their summer collection and for those who are ready to shop and want to know what Warda has in their stores for you before you visit them, worry no more, we have sorted everything they have in this brief article to make your shopping easy and worth enjoying and help you choose the best for you.

Warda 2022 Summer Collection Gallery

Warda Grecian Garden Collection

For the spring-summer collection, Warda launched its Grecian garden collection, and as the name suggests it is all about the colors from Grecian gardens to your summer outfit radiating happy and colorful vibes. The Grecian garden collection allows you to start your summer season in full bloom.

Warda Grecian Garden Collection 2022

The most amazing thing about the collection is you can have all the freshness and comfort in prices that will make you buy all of them, starting from 895PKR the collection has very affordable and classic designs for all. The hues and the prints make you feel like you are fresh and everyone around you will be amazed at your super fresh and appealing look.

Go in stores and check out the most calming and colorful collection of the season. The soft and subtle colored suits with different colored prints on them, the blend of different colors make this collection a must-have for this summer to bring a colorful and delightful touch to your summers this season.

Warda Chikan kari Lawn Collection

As we said earlier that Warda is Pakistani ladies’ favorite for a reason and the reason is that they understand what Pakistani women need and want. The Chikan kari has always been the Pakistani lady’s favorite, be it the mothers or young girls, Chikan kari gives a super chic and elegant look.

When we talk about Warda’s Chikan kari collection, it is not just the basic and typical Chikan kari print, it is the Chikan kari blend with the modern designs and cuts that give it a very contemporary yet traditional look. The minimal embroidery and pleasant and soft prints make it a must-have for this summer season.

Warda Printed Unstitched Collection

Warda’s unstitched collection is extensive and more affordable than any other brand these days. The 1 piece printed shirts are starting just from 895 Rs which is the price difficult to find anywhere and with this quality, Never. Warda printed collection covers the daily wear section because the embroidered dresses are not that comfortable in daily routine and when you have to do chores moving in this sun, you need something airy, comfortable, and pleasant.

The 2 piece collection has both options with what you prefer, shirt with trousers or you want the shirt with dupatta you have a wide variety to select from. The 3 pieces printed collection is perfect for the daily routine, mostly for housewives and students you can be fashionably doing your regular chores being comfortable in what you are wearing, and at the same time making everyone praise your fashion sense.

Warda Unstitched Embroidered Collection

For the days when you want to wear something more than just daily wear you switch to the embroidered collection and it gives you the best look for your evening hangouts. If you have any formal get-together coming your way and you love to style your outfits, get the unstitched embroidered suit and get it stitched.

The minimal and decent embroideries give your dresses a subtle and chic look and make you outstand every event without being heavy on your pocket and that is the best thing that the formal and cool dresses don’t always need to be super expensive. With Warda being your fashion partner, fashion is not that expensive.

Warda Pret Collection

When it comes to the formal collection, Warda is providing you with the best in here too. Have a sudden hangout plan with friends just grab anything from the pret collection according to your mood and event, the pret range from printed pret to the embroidered pret ranging from 1-piece shirts to pair up with your jeans to go on hi-tea with friends or three pieces ready to wear dress for any formal meeting or get-togethers.

From solid hues to overall printed dresses embellished with tussles, laces, and minimal and decent embroideries. The elegance and subtleness of these pairs give you the adorable look for every event. Warda pret is fulfilling your formal outfit needs at very reasonable prices, giving you world-class fashion without being worried about the bank account.

We hope this overview of your favorite brand’s latest collection will help you buy the best for yourself and your family. The summer season is all about colors and style and we hope you have the best of style and fashion this season.

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