Victoria Beckham is Facing Backlash for Promoting £800 Cardigan

Victoria Beckham is Facing Backlash for Promoting £800 Cardigan

On Friday, from her fashion line, Victoria Beckham recently promoted a an £800 cardigan on her Instagram account. She faced a lot of backlash from Instagram followers and other people who watched her post on the platform.

Victoria Beckhem showing style cardigan

She uploaded a video in which she said that the new outfit by her brand is a no brainer and is very easy to wear. It was a VB Body Longline Jacket that she was wearing with skin tight leggings. In the video you can see Victoria Beckham styling the outfit on herself.

Victoria shows her new fashion line cardigan

But the people were mocking her and saying that her fashion is out of touch. And because of the backlash she also closed the comment option on the post.

The caption of her post was “#VBBody makes dressing easy! I’m obsessed with this new longline jacket, the compact knit fabric is super sculpting and I love the seaming details. Available now at and at 36 Dover Street! Kisses x VB

Some fans did like the style but most of the people were criticizing how expensive the cardigan was.

Some of the comments that people did on her post are listed below:

“it’s so easy” but easy V doesn’t come for free…..£800 but out of my price range!’ while another wrote: ‘For 790 pound sterling !! Thanks but [no] thanks.’

‘Not really for the working class is it when struggling with bills trying to keep their heads above water keep it real Victoria.’

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