Muneeb Butt Looking Handsome in the Black Tuxedo

Muneeb Butt in a Tuxedo

Muneeb Butt is one of the most stylish men in our industry. His dressing sense is very tasteful and decent. Muneeb has been seen modelling for famous brands and showstopping for famous designers.

Muneeb Butt posted a picture of himself looking dapper in a black tuxedo from Jermyn Street Clothing. Muneeb is posing for the photo in Paragon Studios, and we are loving the aesthetic clicks.

Black can never go wrong, and a black suit can surely add charm to your personality. Muneeb is carrying a black suit and black pants very elegantly. The suit is paired with a white shirt underneath to complete the look.

Muneeb went for the brown dotted tie and is also enhancing the look by adding a subtle touch to it. The black leather shoes go perfectly with the look.

If you want to look elegant and dapper, a watch is a must-have in your wardrobe. Muneeb is wearing the silver watch, with the suit completing the look. So, boys, this is the perfect inspiration for you to stand out this holiday season and up your fashion game. 

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