Lux Style Awards 2022 Appreciated Fashion Icons In Pakistan 

Lux Style Awards 2022 Appreciated Fashion Icons In Pakistan

Hussain Rehar, Nimra Jacob and others were awarded in the fashion categories at the 21st Lux Style Awards.

The fashion segment was very interesting and the nominees and winners were very excited about the results, they also were in the audience unlike the other nominees.

Let’s walk you through all the winners of the fashion segment this year.

Hussain Rehar – Fashion Forward Brand of the Year

Hussain Rehar accepting his award at lux style award
Source: Tribune

Hussain Rehar was awarded the “Fashion Forward Brand of the Year” by Lux Style Awards 2022. He was very emotional when receiving the award, and he was thankful to all the people in his team who supported his vision and helped him to take his brand to the level where it is now.

Nimra Jacob – Model of the Year

Nimra Jacob receiving lux style award
Source: Tribune

The model of the year award was given to Nimra Jacob. She dedicated her award to her mother specifically because of the support she got from her mother. She also thanked her family and friends at this occasion.

Nimra said in her speech “This one’s for those aspiring models who are either in the industry or plan to be a part of it, know that you can and you will [make it.],”

Fouzia Aman – Style Icon of the Year

Fouzia Aman
Source: Tribune

After Hussain Rehar and Jacob, the Style Icon of the Year award was won by Fouzia Aman. She was wearing a white dress and looked amazing at the occasion. She said in her speech ““They say that models have a very short life but this [the reward] is the answer,””

Ashna Khan – The Best Fashion Photographer

Ashna Khan took home the award for the best Fashion Photographer this year. He shared on his instagram the video of when the award was announced and wrote in the caption “Honoured & humbled. 🙏”

Yasser Dar – Stylist of the Year, Critics Choice award

Yasser Dar won the Stylist of the Year at the Lux Style Awards 2022. He also came to the award ceremony in the style that he made for himself which was all black.

He wrote on instagram “For all the support that I always get from you guys, my family, my friends and my fellow colleagues, I wanna thank you all and myself especially for putting so much effort in making all this work!”

Sunil Nawab – Best Hair and Makeup Artist

Sunil Nawab came in a unique outfit at the Lux Style Award to receive the Best Hair and Makeup Artist award. He also wrote on his instagram “Feeling so blessed..🙏🏼 I Wana Thank Each And Everyone Who Has Been Part OF My Success 😇 I Can’t Be Here Without Your Support…! Love You All..! ”

This was the rundown to all the fashion awards given this year by Lux Style Awards, stay in touch for more clothing and fashion news.

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